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Staying on top of the SEO game can feel extremely frustrating sometimes. As SEO keywords are constantly changing and the online landscape is always evolving it can make some businesses feel as though they’re always a step behind. That’s why MyCity Social is here to help you with your SEO branding. As an Orlando SEO expert for over five years, we’ve been helping businesses improve their marketing and grow expediently. Below we’ll teach you everything you need to know about SEO, what services we can offer you to improve your SEO and marketing, and most exciting of all, free search engine optimization branding advice.  


What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. There are two types of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO
    • This is any SEO improvements that are made on your website to improve your site’s ranking in search engines. This can be content like different pages of your website or articles it publishes as well as the actual coding of the site. One way this can be done is by adding and implementing SEO keywords across your site.
  • Off-Page SEO
    • This is any SEO improvements that are made somewhere other than your website to improve its ranking in search engines. You might be wondering how you can improve your ranking with improvements to other sites, but it can be done through links on other sites that lead to your own website, public posts your site makes on other sites, or guest articles you create for other websites.

Our Services

  • Video and Photo Content Generation
    • Not everyone enjoys reading big blocks of text so for those customers, we have video and photos to attract their attention. Artwork, product photos, and videos can be used for your newsletters, social media platform, website, ads, and anywhere else you can think to use them. Choose from professionally produced 15-60 second videos, 15-60 high-quality photographs of your business, or originally designed artwork made just for you.
  • SEO Services
    • We can perform audits on your site and discover the perfect SEO keywords and phrases to implement on it. We can rewrite pages on your site with these new keywords and phrases in mind as well as create blogs that will help boost your SEO as well. We’ll have you ranking higher in Google searches in no time.
  • Digital Marketing
    • We can help you with a variety of marketing options including but not limited to email marketing, text marketing, and loyalty programs. Everything we do for your site we’ll provide you with detailed analytics on how it’s helped your business grow and what tactics are working best and which areas could use more work. We can also help you set up a review section so you can pull your favorite reviews and proudly display them on your site.  
  • Web Development
    • Having a website purely just to say you have one isn’t enough anymore. Your website needs to look good and be easy to navigate. We can either design you a website from scratch or help the site you already have to enter the modern era.
  • CRM Services
    • Our customer relationship management services will help you keep track of all your interactions with both potential and former customers. We’ll help you develop an easy to access database of all your clients so that you can easily keep in contact with email and text chains full of sales and new products. 
  • Influencer Marketing
    • Influencers are any famous people that hold a large amount of influence over a certain group of people. This can range anywhere from actors, athletes, and singers, to online streamers, YouTubers, and even people with large amounts of Twitter followers. We will find an influencer who has an audience you would like to better appeal to and set up a meeting and help you negotiate with them.
  • Reputation Management Services
    • Your reputation means everything in the world of business. If people don’t trust your company, they’re not going to want to buy products or services from you. To help combat this we’ll help suppress negative Google results by creating new positive content that highlights how great a company you are. We’ll also watch out for what people are saying about you and keep you alerted whenever anything negative comes out.
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Social media has become a very strong tool. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are being used widely by almost everyone while others like TikTok and Snapchat have become increasingly popular with younger generations. We’ll help you set up these accounts and manage them as well. One of the keys to success on social media is consistency so we’ll make sure to make constant posts on your behalf. Social media is a great way to show people you’re more than just a business and can really help you build a strong brand by interacting directly with your customers. You’ll leave a strong impression and can even make your audience feel as though they are contributing to making your company better.
  • PPC
    • PPC or pay per click are ads that you put on another company’s website that you pay for every click it gets. We’ll tell which sites will be the best for you to advertise on and will show which are getting the most clicks. This way, you’ll know which sites are worth investing more ads in and which you should consider cutting. We’ll also help you design the ads so that they catch people’s eyes and make them want to click them and visit your site


SEO Branding Advice

  • Have A Good Website
    • Before you even start on getting your site SEO optimized, you need to make sure it looks good and is easy to navigate. You could have the best SEO optimization in the world but if your clients struggle to use your site or think it looks like it hasn’t been updated since the early 2000’s people are not going to stay on it very long and they certainly are not going to come back.
  • Perform An Audit
    • You should bring in an Orlando SEO expert like MyCity Social to perform an audit to see how your site is currently performing. The audit will show you what are the highest traffic areas on your site and you can work from there on adding SEO keywords and phrases. You’ll also want to look out for any duplicate content that might be hurting your rankings. If you want you can attempt an audit yourself, but this can be time consuming and you’ll need to know what keywords and phrases to search for. 
  • Add SEO Keywords and Phrases
    • SEO keywords and phrases are often the words and phrases people search for when trying to find goods or services. They’re not always full sentences or complete thoughts, for example, someone looking to get their oil changed might just Google “oil change Orlando” or “oil change near me.” If you’re a company located in Orlando that offers oil changes then you would want to implement those previous phrases onto your website pages and in any articles you produce. To find out what these keywords and phrases people are using, your best bet is to hire an SEO company like MyCity Social. Otherwise, there are tools you can buy and some free ones available that can help you discover what people are currently looking up. Of all the areas on your site, some of the most important places to implement these SEO keywords and phrases are:
      • Titles, Headings, and Descriptions
        • Whether for titles of images or headings of a paragraph all the way to descriptions like Metadata, your SEO keywords and phrases should be present. Of course, if you’re adding them, the paragraphs and images that follow need to be accurately describing the SEO keyword or phrase you added. For example, don’t head a paragraph “The Best Dog Walkers Near Me” if the following paragraph has nothing to do with dog walkers.
      • Paragraphs 
        • These are the bodies of your site where the most text is present. Keywords should be naturally added. It should read well and not distract from the main purpose of the writing. If it makes the paragraph clunky, either rewrite or find a better one to put it in. If the SEO keyword or phrase really does relate to what you’re writing about, it should fit in no problem. If it doesn’t that’s a good indicator that this might not be the right SEO keyword or phrase for you.
      • URLs
        • If you publish a lot of articles, it’s important to put your SEO keywords and phrases into the URL of the pages. That said, do not make your main URL of your website the SEO keyword or phrase as you may be punished for it. Instead, stick with your company name followed by .com. Having your company followed by a slash and then that SEO keyword or phrase is what you want to shoot for. 
  • Stay Away From Bad Practices
    • Hiding Keywords and Phrases
      • What this means is adding SEO keywords to your website that you literally hide, whether it be by making the keywords the same color of the background or by covering them with images. The point is to get the keywords on your site without having to force them in. If search engines discover you are doing this you will be punished and your rankings will suffer.
    • Sticking In Keywords and Phrases At Random
      • Sometimes companies will just try and stick in SEO keywords into their website pages and articles with no rhyme or reason, but just to get the keywords implemented. This is obviously bad because it can confuse people visiting your site. Random words and sentences that were just thrown in where they don’t belong will stick out like a sore thumb and make you look very unprofessional.
    • Overusing Keywords and Phrases
      • This is different than just putting them in at random in that the SEO keywords and phrases can be implemented properly, but are just used way too much. For example, if your keyword is “pizza” you have pizza in literally every sentence on your homepage. The word is properly used in each sentence, but you have over a hundred uses of the word on your homepage alone. When using SEO keywords and phrases think quality over quantity or else you may find yourself once again in trouble with search engines and your rankings suffering from it.


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