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Trying to get your business ahead in the world of digital marketing can be difficult. Sometimes people will become desperate enough to try deceptive and negative SEO tactics, but you should never resort to this. Top SEO companies will never try these tactics and you should never hire one that does. While these tactics do sometimes rarely prove results in the short term, the consequences of them in the long term are something you may never be able to escape from. As one of the best digital marketing agencies in Miami, MyCity Social is here to tell you what these practices are, why they’re bad, and why you should only invest in digital marketing agencies like us. 


Types of Negative SEO

Negative SEO is often used by companies to try and sabotage their competition. This can be done through several different ways including: 

  • Stolen Content
    • If a company gets traffic through creating articles, competing sites may steal that written article, gut it of everything that leads it back to the original site, and repost it on a bunch of different websites. By having basically the same exact article on multiple different sites, people are less likely to find the original. Most people don’t think to check if the article they’re reading was posted somewhere else first and because of this, not only is the original site losing out on clicks and potential ad money, now this other site is making money off of content they had no part in creating. Even worse though, sometimes these other sites don’t remove all the links from the original site which can lead Google and other search engines into believing that the original site paid the other sites into syndicating their article which can get them in trouble with the search engines. They can also make small changes to a competitor’s article that adds offensive or derogatory content while still attributing the article to the competitor. This can make it look like the competitor supports sexism, racism, or misinformation. This can seriously affect the reputation of the competitor and make them look very bad.   
  • Spam Links
    • Companies will buy hundreds or thousands of spam links that will take people to the sites of their competitors. While it may seem strange to send traffic to your competition’s website the point is to have so much spam that whatever search engine they’re appearing on is tricked into blocking all links to that site. In theory, the search engine is supposed to believe the owner of the website bought all those spam links, but in reality, this is rarely the case. Usually, search engines are smart enough to know this is a scam by another party and the website’s search results are unaffected. Of course, it would be untrue to say that this is always the case as sometimes search engines have been tricked. The other issue it can cause is making it so the competing website is not able to properly evaluate it’s link data. Google in particular only reports back so much information regarding links and if spam ones take up the limit, then the website will be unable to get an accurate assessment of where their traffic is coming from. This can be extremely detrimental and cause companies to waste valuable money to hire other companies to get this information or to buy other tools to do so.
  • Hacking
    • One of the worst things one company can do to another is to hack the site of the competitor. While breaking into another site a company can potentially steal the information of customers and leak it online or sell it to other malicious sites. This information could be as little as the customer’s email address or login information to the competitor’s site to information as severe as the customer’s name, address, billing information, and credit card numbers. Another tactic a hacker will use is to add malicious links in along with the regular links of the site. The website owner might not even notice these links as they can be hidden quite well, especially if you have a large site. These links can lead to sites that will automatically attempt to download viruses or malware to the user’s computer, or even to fake versions of your own site. On these fake versions of the site they may ask you to log in and even though you’re not actually logging in, they now have your login information.    

No reputable SEO Company Miami is home to will commit any of these practices. Trying to sabotage another company is not only dishonest and immoral, but it will more often than not cause more trouble than it’s worth. In cases like hacking, these tactics can also be illegal and get you and your company in serious trouble if you are caught. Besides the legal issues, if you’re caught you will also gain a bad reputation and your reputation is a huge factor for many people when deciding on whether or not to do business with you. You will always find more success by focusing on improving your own marketing strategies and working to improve your products and services over stealing and sabotaging.  


Why MyCity Social is One of the Top SEO Companies

MyCity Social only uses tried and true SEO tactics and market strategies. You don’t become the best SEO Company Miami has to offer by cutting corners. We believe only in honest and ethical practices, of which include:

  • SEO Services
    • SEO stands for search engine optimization. We can help make your site more SEO friendly and more likely to appear in searches by adding SEO keywords to your articles and website. These keywords are words and phrases people are most likely to use when searching for a service or product. For example, someone looking to buy pizza might Google “pizza near me.” By adding “pizza near me” to your site or articles you will likely come up much higher on a Google search for those looking for a pizza. This can be applied for any industry, but SEO keywords are always changing and evolving. Our team is constantly researching what the best keywords will be and these will differ depending on the area you wish to target with your marketing. 
  • Digital Marketing Services
    • Our digital marketing consists of email marketing, social media marketing, and text message marketing among others. We will help generate awareness for your website and keep your former customers up to date with sales, new products, and loyalty programs. Additionally, we’ll help you set up a place for your customers to submit reviews and then collect and highlight the reviews on your site that really stand out and show off how great your products or services are. The power of a good review is hard to match and can often be what determines whether a new customer decides to do business with you. Lastly, we’ll create articles for your site that include SEO keywords that can either educate people on the latest trends in your industry, promote your sales and new items, or provide insight on your company’s various services, among many other types of articles. 
  • Social Media Marketing
    • We’ll help you set up various social media accounts so you can better directly interact with your customers. Social media is a great way to help your customers feel a stronger connection to your business and feel as though their voices are being heard. One of the keys to successful social media accounts is consistent posting. We can help by posting for you at a specified time and help design the posts. On social media, you will be able to reach a much larger demographic in a less intrusive way than emails or texts. 
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
    • These are advertisements that a company puts on another website that they pay money to the host whenever someone clicks on their advertisement. What we do is create the advertisements for you and help pick out websites that would be good fits for your advertisements and will bring you in the most traffic. After these PPCs are implemented we’ll help you track your analytic data and decide where your money is best spent and whether we should remove ads from certain sites or invest in more. With our tools, you’ll be able to see exactly where the most traffic is coming from and where the most money is to be found.
  • Reputation Management Services
    • The point of our reputation management services is search result removal, suppression, protection, and reputation monitoring. We try to fix negative Google search results and publish additional positive content. We will help you curate a specific reputation so that your company represents who you are trying to be. We’ll push positive content to the top of Google searches and we’ll alert you whenever anything derogatory comes out against you or your company. 
  • CRM Services
    • CRM or customer relationship management is the technology maintaining all of your customers’ and potential customers’ information. We can keep track of incoming calls, keep a database of customer contact info, and help you set up contact forms. This system is perfect for sending out mass texts and emails.
  • Influencer Marketing
    • This is when you hire influencers to talk about your products and services. An influencer is any famous person that has a large amount of influence. While this can be celebrities like actors, musicians, and athletes, it more often refers to YouTube content creators, streamers, and instagrammers. We will help you find and set up meetings with influencers who have an audience you would like to better appeal to. Having an influencer promote you is the next best thing to having a friend recommend a customer your products or services.     
  • Website Development 
    • We can either help you create a website from scratch or update your current site. How your website looks and how easy it is to navigate is incredibly important. If your site is ugly and clunky people are going to shop elsewhere. Even if your site works well, if it looks outdated people won’t think you care about it and might think you feel the same way about your products. We’ll make sure that never happens and your site is always evolving and improving with updates. 


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If you’re looking to hire one of the top SEO companies in Miami, you need to call MyCity Social today. We’re the best SEO company Miami has to offer and you can trust us not to employ any underhanded or negative SEO tactics. We pride ourselves on optimizing our client’s websites, connecting them with their audiences through social media, and making the most out of their digital presence. For five years now we have been helping businesses in Florida grow and we have done so with our emphasis on strong communication, teamwork, and our ability to always stay one step ahead of the marketing game.


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