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Do you have a Google My Business account but it has not received the visibility and traffic you feel it deserves when appearing in maps? It can be hard to compete against other larger more established businesses in the online world who began their SEO efforts long before yours. Google understands this pain, and because of all of the feedback they have received, decided to create a way for businesses to elevate the visibility of their listing through Google Map Ads.


With the highest ever number of search being done on mobile phone via Google Maps, the Maps ad will be able to list your location as a nearby business and offer more detailed information about your company. In addition, if users are trying to get from Point A to point B and would like to find establishments in your industry on the way, with map ads you can ensure that your business is one of the top ones listed. The premiere placement is exciting for savvy business owners who want to improve their visibility.


Fun Features

          A)  Pins: In addition to being featured first in mobile map searches, instead of a pin being used to display your location, the company logo will be utilized to further make it stand out against other related shops or establishments.

If a user is searching on Google Maps for directions, the ads will display with a bright purple box indicating it is an ad. On the map, the pin will also be a purple color in order to further make it more visually attractive to searchers.

          B) Promotions: If you decide to purchase a Google Map Ad you can now place promotional/specials information in a field located below the logo. Imagine, not only can customers now find you in a map search, but your logo and an eye-catching promotion to motivate them to visit you will be in full display.

          C) Inventory:  Studies have shown that if users do not find an easy way to know if an item is in stock, they will most likely not go to the sore. With  the map ads business owners can proudly display images of the top items they would like to showcase that best exemplifies the products or service that they sell.

The internet is rapidly changing as mobile has become the new way to view information and conduct search online. As the competitive landscape changes, make sure that you are not left behind. Google Map Ads are a powerful new tool to add to your marketing strategy and are sure to only get better and better with time.

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