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If you have been in the marketing industry long enough, you and every other SEO Specialist you know will often share their frustration with how little information Google shares in regards to how they process all of the information on videos, queries and etc. that they receive.


One arena that really has been a fascination of mine at MyCity Social is obtaining more information about question-based queries. As more and more devices incorporate voice commands in them, the curiosity of how many voice queries are done with questions and without has been heavy on my mind as that can affect the way SEO is done here in the near future.


Thankfully, due to a comprehensive study that was done by one of the top marketing news companies MOZ, some very important information was shared that affects the way an SEO Tampa specialist can handle your SEO.


It is estimated that 40-60 billion searches happen on in the US currently each month. It is important to note though that this calculation does not take into consideration voice searches, Google Apps or Google Home.


From these queries the following results were obtained:
1) About 59.3% of search is done on 26.79% is done via Google Images, 3.71% of search is done via Youtube, and the numbers become less and less as we go down the list of results.


2) When comparing a number of words used in search queries in desktop vs. mobile, it was found that a typical searcher will use 3 words in their query. Desktop users will have longer queries that average to about 6 words.


3) Of all the queries that are made on Google, only 8% were found to start with question-based words such as “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “When”, “Why”, “How”, and “Am”.


The report includes many more results, but of the 3 I listed above, it is important to take away that as far as the way a SEO Tampa specialist is implementing their techniques, question-based queries while not a major component, is still something to place into the mix, which MyCity Social already does.


Query length is important to note because as a business owner you have to remember the importance of mobile. Mobile users are searching for something quickly, and need a result instantly. If you have a great SEO expert, they will be reviewing their keyword data on a regular basis and will make sure to stay on top of the queries that most of your specific user base is using to find you.


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Our SEO specialists have the training and skills to put your mind at ease as by using the most up to date techniques that are White Hat/Google approved will help you obtain spectacular results. Convert more online searchers today and see what MyCity Social can do for your business.

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