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Sometimes, it just takes a little help to get to where you are supposed to be. That’s where a medical office in Miami found itself when they came to us for help. They knew they were good at what they did – on the medical side of things – but they still needed help getting people in through the front door. The office was struggling not because of their customer service or even their pricing, but because there was just too much competition. What they needed was help getting the word out about how great they were. It took the help of a top SEO company in Miami to turn a good medical office into a real success.

Here at MyCity Social, we work with companies all the time that need a little extra help getting from good to great, so it was no surprise that a medical office needed some help. They were very gracious about taking ownership of their problems – they didn’t try to blame the economy or the community, but rather pointed at their own shortcomings. They knew that they weren’t doing all they could do with their website or with their social media presence and they wanted guidance as to what needed to be done next by a professional.

What we didn’t expect was that everything existing online would be in such a state of chaos. It didn’t look like the website had ever really been updated, and the overall look was outdated and appeared very “homemade”. There were no social media accounts to speak of, just an empty Facebook page. You could tell that someone had started thinking about things like SEO and community engagement, but work had gotten in the way of making sure that these processes were taken care of. It wasn’t a good place to start from, but at least we knew we wouldn’t have to get rid of anyone’s hard work!

Getting the company’s name out there meant overhauling their old website, basically starting from scratch. This wasn’t just a job where some tags were updated or a blog was set up – everything had to be redone. After that was finished, we had to get the company involved with real social media accounts. They now have a Twitter, an Instagram, and a Facebook page that people actually use. More importantly, our SEO Company ensured that a MyCity Social guru would post regularly to the account.

They now have their social media accounts and service pages ranking near the top of Google search results and that has translated into more patients coming in through the front door.

As an SEO company in Miami, we here at MyCity Social know that there are many companies (just like that medical office) that need a little help getting public exposure. They’ve put all the necessary work into being great in their industry but they’ve forgotten the importance of having a great presence online. Where this Miami medical office really stood out from the crowd though, is that they knew they needed help. They reached out to us and were given the chance to fix the problems that were really holding them back. Today, they’ve got full waiting rooms and a bustling online community. All it took was a quick e-mail and the ability to realize that sometimes, you have to go to the experts to get the help you need.

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