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If Brittany Emestica is your guru at MyCity Social, enjoy this interview where you can learn a little bit more about you guru! Our Digital marketing services in Orlando, FL are the best value around!

What is Your Background?

I went to school at Florida International University (FIU) and studied Management and Marketing and obtained a certificate in Social Media and E-Marketing Analytics. I decided to take this route in my education because during my coursework I found my passion in marketing. The creativity that it allows me to express I find extremely rewarding personally. It is genuinely something I enjoy doing. My 2018 goal is to obtain my masters in marketing.

How Did You End Up at MyCity Social?


I graduated in August 2016, and I was out on the market looking for a job. To be honest, it was a struggle ot find a job as a young fresh graduate. To find an entry level position that contained exactly what I was looking for was not easy. I came across MyCity Social online via a search on Indeed. I submitted my application, was called in for an interview, (Nickie interviewed me), and she told me everything she has done for the company in the time she had been there and I really liked what I heard. I knew coming into MyCity Social that I would be allowed to have the creative freedom to create work that would compact the local businesses in the community and really allow me to grow.

What is Your Favorite Part About Working for MyCity Social?


My favorite part is definitely the work atmosphere. We are constantly bouncing ideas off each other and inspired by each other which really makes me enjoy coming to work every day. This being my first job position in my career, I have already grown so much, and I continually learn new things every day. I am extremely grateful for this as it only makes me better as a digital marketer.

What is Your Least Favorite or Most Difficult Task?

This is a new thing. Nickie has introduced me to AdWords and I have learned just how labor intensive and detailed and involved it is. All the ads have to go through an approval by Google first and it is quite tedious work.

Describe a Typical Day in the Life

I begin my day by driving through an hour of traffic (I have a long commute). I like to arrive nice and early at 8:00AM. I come into the office, turn on my computer, open up my task lists and get started. I respond to any unread emails, and see where the day takes me, as often times there are random client tasks and situations that may pop up.

I start my day by scheduling posts for my clients which includes creating content, graphics and seeing what is happening within each industry (conducting research), to tailor my posts.

The beginning of each month is the busiest time in the office as a guru because we are all sending out monthly reports and newsletters, all while finishing our daily tasks that we need to do for each client no matter what.

What is Next For You Brittany?


Right now I see myself growing as a professional and really taking the time to learn more software programs and different tools that are utilized in my profession. From there I do plan on obtaining my Masters in Marketing. I want to grow in the digital marketing world and build a credible name for myself in the industry.

5 Fun Things About You. Don’t Think, Go!


  • I am obsessed with traveling the world
  • I have a Dachshund named emit
  • I love to snorkel on the beach
  • My FAVORITE Place that I have ever traveled to is Vietnam
  • I am obsessed with going to the gym.

Not all digital marketing gurus are created equal. If you want a driven and hard-working guru, Brittany Emestica of MyCity Social is here to help your business thrive. Call MyCity Social today to learn about our digital marketing and SEO packages.

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