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Imagine a building with no signage, name, or windows, nothing at all. Realistically, a customer would not give it a second thought. They would not even stop by to see what type of building it is or if it’s inhabited, nothing. No indicator as to what it is means it won’t hold any space in a customer’s mind. Compare that to a shop with a name, signage, and maybe a product image. That is a completely different story.

Now, people are curious as to what type of products are being offered, if any. If they have a name or even an image to go off of, they might be inclined to search for it online or make note of it to visit later. The first scenario signifies a website without optimization, while the second scenario is an optimized website. 

SEO (Search engine optimization) refers to simplifying a web page to find, peruse, and categorize easily. The concept entails assisting your customers in finding your business amid thousands of similar companies. One may wonder about the importance of SEO in digital marketing. SEO is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy. Its concern is centered on crucial steps towards bringing customers to your business using online platforms. 

To ensure that your website is found and receives sufficient foot traffic, the website should rank higher on the search engine result page (SERP). Every business needs advertising, and SEO is an effective tool for such. Now you have an idea of SEO and digital marketing, what you need is a professional SEO company to apply practical digital marketing strategies, and that’s what MyCity Social offers. If you’re looking for the best SEO company in Tampa, then your search is over. We are a team of proactive experts in SEO, digital marketing, and advertising, with years of experience to back this up. Need to bring your business to the limelight and drive more customers to your website? Then we are the company to help you. 

What Is SEO In Digital Marketing, And Why Is It Important?

It seems there’s no distinction between SEO and digital marketing strategies, as both perform similar functions and skills. For better understanding, we’ll go through the various concepts. SEO experts engage in driving organic traffic, while digital marketers focus on a company’s general online presence beyond SEO. Practically, an SEO consultant supervises other aspects of digital marketing. SEO digital services include search engine marketing and website optimization. Certain factors help SEO choose the right words, social media marketing, banner advertising, etc. Marketing experts refer to SEO as integrated marketing. 

Let’s shed more light. The use of SEO has become increasingly crucial for the success of digital marketing. If you observe SEO trends over the years, you’ll confirm this. When the concept of SEO came into recognition in the mid-’90s, keyword stuffing, manual submission, and meta keywords tag were used in ranking high in the SERP. It transcended link buying and interlinking websites creation in 2004. The mainstream moved to vertical search inclusion and social media marketing in 2011 and has progressed to date. Search engine algorithms are constantly updated to bring traffic. The old tactics are no longer efficient as the present calls for more. 

The increase in the use of viral marketing approaches has increased social media marketing. Channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google+, and Yammer aid social media marketing. These networking sites should correspond with SEO-best practices, so the potential SEO offers is harnessed. The use of more links to rank high is no longer practical. Personal reputation matters now. 

Content strategies are not the only means to rank high; creating quality inbound links that remain relevant as an SEO element is also important. Traditional link building, otherwise called spamming, is no longer in practice, owing to the change in Google’s algorithms. Likewise, guest-blogging to generate links is outdated. It is only efficient if the aim is to present as a professional, bring new audiences, and engage with target individuals. 

Here’s a fact: Almost 14 billion searches take place online every month. 

The introduction of the global economy enables the business to have a presence online. To reach this standard, though, your website must get a higher ranking in the SERP, achieve social media marketing, and have good PPC (pay per click) interactions. Advertising is essential for every business, and when it goes online, it functions best to accumulate huge web traffic. 

With proper SEO, a website can rank on the first page of the Search Engine Result Page. It is a common belief that people scan and go through the first two pages of the SERP. About 74% of consumers use search engines in finding information about local businesses. Unlike online marketing like social media marketing, PPC, and email marketing, SEO yields a good return on investment (ROI). Almost 80-90% of customers check reviews online before they make a purchase. 

How Does SEO Work?

Search engines are software that crawls web page content. They are not humans; therefore, they are not text-driven. They carry out certain activities that produce search results; crawling, scanning and indexing or storing, and recovering. The difference is in the calculation of design rather than human action. Some known elements that boost quality score include: 

  • Page content
  • Characteristics of Link
  • Website names and URLs
  • Meta Tags
  • Page design
  • Usability and accessibility. 

Crawling: All search engines have a software called Spider or Crawler that crawls the webpage content. A crawler cannot see if a new page appeared or any existing page upgrades each day. Therefore, it is important to know items that a search engine can crawl. So, if you have JavaScript frames, flash movies, or password-protected pages, you should run a keyword simulator test to know if the spider can view them. 

Indexing: After crawling content, the indexed page is stored in a huge database to retrieve it when you enter a related content keyword or search string. Humans can’t achieve this, but it is a regular task for search engines. The search engine may not understand your page’s content; that’s why you should optimize it correctly. 

Search work: For every search request, the search engine checks key phrases searched with the indexed pages and stores them in its record. Millions of pages have identical search phrases. The search engine measures page relevancy and matches all the indexed pages based on keywords inputted in the SERP. 

Algorithms: A search algorithm is a means of diagnostics that takes a searched word and checks its records of cataloged keywords and URLs relevant to those keywords. It also estimates possible answers and replies with pages containing the words or phrases searched for. The three search algorithms are On-site, Off-site, and Whole-site algorithms. 

Each algorithm looks at the web page’s various aspects like title tags, meta tags, links, keyword density, etc., but are components of a bigger algorithm. That’s why similar search strings produce varying results in various search engines with several algorithms. And search engines change their algorithms periodically, so you must learn to adjust to these changes to remain at the top, and sound SEO expertise is necessary. 

Retrieving: The final result will show on the search results. 

How Do You Create A Good SEO Strategy For Digital Marketing?

To have a functional SEO system aimed at increased digital marketing, you must have a sound SEO strategy. Here are some points you should ask yourself when putting an SEO strategy in place. 

Your target audience: There are certain geographic factors and customer demographics relevant to how and where you will get your customers. Tweaking and fine-tuning these aspects will make you successful and confident going on. Tools like Google Analytics will assist you in investigating these factors. 

Focus on mobile-friendly strategies: Your website should fit properly into a mobile device and give your customers equal satisfaction as those who can access personal computers. One thing stands out: mobile devices overtake desktop. So, ensure you open that avenue by checking your website performance on mobile applications. Test your website using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. 

Use other search engine options: Your website should not be limited to performing in Google, but also other search engines like MSN, Yahoo, and AOL. Every search engine has search algorithms that you should know and make your website compatible with. Your users can come from anywhere. 

Keywords should correspond with your ROI: Dedicate time to fixing vital keywords with a focus on long-tail keywords as they define users’ behavior. Think carefully about how you can input the long tail qualities into your key phrases. Successful keywords are measured in terms of ROI. 

Clear website and quality content: SEO keywords, a user-friendly website, optimized Meta tags, balanced keyword density, clear navigation, and consistent quality content are the major goal. Every page should center around keyword themes, with non-plagiarized content, without keyword stuffing. Be committed to your content. 

Relevant linking and Social media: Pay close attention to quality link building as a tool to get good web traffic. By SEO, you should set up a social media platform that is up to date and comprehensive. Also, remember that good traffic is gotten through the social visibility of your business. 

Points to Note

Every time the algorithm is changing, you have a challenge ahead. Always remember that no particular SEO system remains the same forever because SEO never ends. Always consider your target audience, their dislikes and preferences, optimization plans, and website usability. If you focus only on ranking in SERP using unconfirmed means, the spiders may spam your website or ban it. Therefore, it is more important you think about your users, how they use your site and your satisfaction with using your website. It will affect how popular your site is and how long they’ll spend on it. 

This further buttresses the need for adequate attention to SEO and why you need only the best hands to handle the job. That way, your business will get noticed by your target market. 

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