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Currently, the world is stuck in a state of total confusion, panic, fear, and uncertainty. As it feels like the situation continues to change by the hour, it can leave business owners and SEO writers feeling panicked and lost as you wonder what is going to come next. However, SEO services are still an important factor, and it’s important to plan for when you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though everything may not look the same once the new normal is here, companies that are able to weather this downturn and plan strategically will come out a lot stronger and will be poised for recovery at a faster pace, which is why planning for the future of your business through SEO is so essential. Read on to learn more about strategic planning through the COVID-19 pandemic and also planning for when the pandemic is over. MyCity Social provides SEO services Fort Lauderdale business owners rely on. Call MyCity Social today for your SEO and digital marketing needs!


Opportunities You Should Take Advantage Of Now To Prepare


There are certain opportunities available that you as a business owner or as a personal brand should be working on right now in order to improve  your SEO and keep your rankings in tip-top shape when everything tides over, and also to maintain a presence right now:

  • Remain at the forefront of Google trends- Everybody is at home right now, which means that more people than ever before are searching online for a wide variety of queries, services, and products. Keep an eye on Google Trends and watch out for new questions and topics that are becoming popular and that people are asking about your industry during this period of time. If you are able to stay on top of this data and really start to identify the trends that are most relevant to your business, you can start to create high-quality content around these topics to support your SEO efforts. If your business is in a slump at the moment due to the pandemic, when sales start to pick back up again after reopening, you will be ready and have higher rankings than  your competitors. Your content will already be out there in the world, hopefully becoming part of the resource that people are seeking, which skyrockets your SEO and brings more traffic to your website. 
  • Keep an eye on Google  Search Console & Keyword Rankings- It’s essential to monitor Google Search Console or other third-party tools for keyword changes a lot more closely than you would normally. When there is a lot of demand or demand has totally shifted to another area, you will typically see shifts in search interest and user intent on individual queries. If you aren’t monitoring this closely enough, then you will miss the opportunity to change your approach. 
  • Build up your content bank- Consumer behavior is shifting rapidly, and the COVID-19 pandemic will only result in consumers searching and behaving much more differently than prior. The one thing the pandemic has given everybody is time- so get your SEO content on-point. You can begin building your content bank by prioritizing top/mid-funnel content. Though this type of content may not convert in the short term, it will get consumers into the funnel in order to link potential clients and customers with your products and services for future needs. By having a stockpile of great content ready to go and out there ahead of time, you will have a serious leg-up on the competition.
  • Start planning for holiday & Q4 initiatives now- One of  the scariest things about COVID-19 is that we have no idea how long we will all be in this environment; it could be anywhere from two more weeks to twelve more weeks or longer. Either way, there will still be several months beyond this period before the economic outlook starts to improve. Because you know that Q1 and Q2 numbers will be lower than initially forecasted, you need to start planning now in order to make that up in the back half of the year. For example, if you are an ecommerce retailer, you should start to plan for Black Friday and Christmas campaigns and stock.
  • Hire top SEO Talent- One of the hardest parts of COVID-19 is that many businesses are closing their doors. Top SEO talent who were loyal to their employers may now find that they don’t have a permanent home. If you are hiring, then you should start recruiting right now. It will go a long way in order to illustrate that you are in a strong position, which will end up attracting top-tier talent. Your company may actually be a target for talented people who are looking for opportunities in a lot of cases, which is why you need to make sure that you’re active on LinkedIn and to keep your eyes peeled. Even if you’re not necessarily hiring at the moment, this is a great opportunity to make connections, start conversations, and then reap the rewards in the near future when business starts flowing again. 
  • Embrace new strategies for content- Even though this catastrophic event could never have been predicted, it’s important to look at the bright side. There are opportunities that come forward during times such as this one that forces business to change, sometimes for the better. Since everybody is spending significantly more time streaming and watching video content such as YouTube right now, you can take advantage of this captive audience by starting to develop more video content. Take a look at content developed previously that really resonated with audiences, and repurpose that content in a video format. 
  • Embrace the data- Related to the first point  of this article is the fact that you will have more data to work with when it comes to Google Trends, due to the fact that people are searching online much more frequently. Due to this shift, you may actually see an increase in traffic to your site (of course, this all depends on your industry). Even though this traffic may not turn into sales, or even leads, an increase in searches and people to your website is always a positive thing and can give you some great insights on the strategy of your company. Take some time to analyze the traffic that’s coming to your website, and figure out which of your top pages seem to be getting the most traction. Has the recent traffic changed from the norm? Right now is a great time to consider running a heat map or other data collection methods and to really do a deep dive into your website. 
  • Strategize beyond your content and use this time well- An overall word of advice for marketers and businesses in general is to simply use your time wisely. Even though content is probably the first SEO task that comes to mind when thinking about digital marketing, now is the time to take advantage of your captive audience and time for development and focus on SEO as a whole. Make sure that your page speed is where it needs to be, update your website with fresh photos, check your URL structure, and make sure that your content is easy to find.


Managing Your SEO Services For Coronavirus Recovery


As a provider of SEO services Fort Lauderdale business owners trust, MyCity Social has some tips for businesses to take care of their SEO and digital marketing efforts during this trying time in order to optimize their coronavirus business recovery:


  • Budgeting for marketing & SEO through the coronavirus pandemic- The U.S. Small Business Administration put out that if you’re doing anywhere between $1 and $5 million in sales per year, then you should be spending 7-8% of gross revenue  on advertising and marketing (which is a bare minimum for maintenance). This means that for every $100,000 in gross revenue, you need to have at least $7,000 earmarked for advertising and marketing every single year. It is essential that your business maintains at minimum this level of marketing investment throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. SEO and inbound marketing are a long game, and you’ve already invested in building your processes and workflow, ensuring data quality with consistent measurement, building an audience and consumer base, and creating quality content that is able to rank. You can pretty much count on the fact that others are going to panic and underestimate the importance of an emotional decision long-term. As competitors drop in engagement and lose traction across channels, your business will have an edge to push to the top. 
  • Interview employees & customers- While meeting in person is difficult right now, utilize Zoom or Google Hangouts in order to host and record video calls. Interview your employees and customers about their unique experiences with and knowledge of your products, services, and overall culture. You can transcribe these interactions; as time goes on, these transcripts and videos will be a valuable source of inside info or your blog posts, social content, media releases, and more. 
  • Mini-Audit your content assets- While a full-blown content audit takes significant time and expertise, there is a lot that you can do through this slow period in order to improve your content performance with a mini-audit. If you haven’t kept an up-to-date inventory of your content assets, then now is a great time to start. Create a new Google Sheet or Excel sheet and use one tab for every type of content, such as for web pages, emails, blog posts, videos, etc. If you’re really ambitious, you can track articles that other people have published about your business as well. Try to evaluate each piece with a critical eye:
    • Which high-quality pieces and images are you able to repurpose for other channels?
    • Which pieces were the most shared? The most backlinks?
    • Which pieces get the most on-site traffic?

All of these may be opportunities for you to update with fresh content, optimize with new CTAs and keywords, add internal links to new products/services, and to repromote when business picks up again. 

  • Plan webinars- Are you looking to answer frequently asked questions regarding your approach to your field? Are you trying to introduce new team members, products, or features to your customer base? Do you want to inspire seasonal bookings for later this year? If you’re constantly tied up in the field and now just panicking in an empty office spinning in your chair, this is a good time to practice your webinar game. 91% of professionals say that webinars are their favorite content format for learning, making it a great tool.
  • Take aim at different types of SERPS- A lot of small business owners are panicking right now and dealing with a lot on their plate; most of them haven’t even had time to think about getting any more sophisticated than having a presence in search and possibly trying to balance their organic and PPC efforts for good coverage. However, now is the time to dig deeper now that things have slowed down and you have a bit more tie and space to dig deeper. Now is  the time to plot the domination of position zero, video carousels, paragraph snippets, and more!


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