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Your social media and your SEO strategy may seem like two very separate things, but they are actually tightly intertwined. As a social media agency in Fort Lauderdale, MyCity Social knows how to make sure that these things are integrated successfully and that you understand why this is so important. We understand that marketing can have many components and that not all business owners are going to have the time nor the energy to follow through with all aspects of it if any. That is where we can come in. We can cater to your business’s needs with the same level of care that you would expect from an employee. If you are interested in learning more about our services as the SEO agency Fort Lauderdale businesses trust, contact us at MyCity Social.

How Does Social Media Play into SEO?

Your social media efforts and SEO are not isolated. You have to think of these two components as supporting each other instead of functioning on two separate stages. This means that anything that you do on your social media can be fed back into how well your website performs with SEO. It feeds back in the reverse as well: anything that you do to assist your SEO efforts will ultimately affect how many people know about your social media.

That is why it is important to make sure that you are utilizing both resources. To exclusively focus on social media may work for some businesses but it is a like an incomplete puzzle. You need the SEO specialist to supplement what you are missing and get you to the point you want to be. If you only focused on your SEO and did not bother to deal with social media in the slightest—not even making an effort to create a profile for your business—you end up missing out on a slew of potential customers and your SEO efforts will be for naught.

In a study performed by Hootsuite, they found that there was a positive correlation between social engagements and change in rank. This is because, while social media is not supposed to have a direct impact on ranking, the engagements that can take place on social media can help links, which do impact your ranking. (Source)

The right social media agency can make sure that you are doing the most to incorporate your social media into your SEO. If you are interested in seeing this happen, contact us at MyCity Social for more information.

What Can You Do to Incorporate Social Media with SEO?

One of the things that social media and SEO have in common is that they both utilize keywords. This means that, in order to get your posts in front of the right audience, you have to make sure that it is tagged accordingly. For SEO, this means doing research and finding out what search terms people are using when they search for the products or services that you provide. With this information, you can then write a blog post that addresses a topic pertinent to your industry. This blog will help the search engines understand that your website pertains to those keywords and help it to place higher up on search results.

For social media, the process is similar. You have to find out what things people are searching for when they type in hashtags. When you have that information, you can then create a post that is in accordance with that topic. You can then add hashtags that tie into its topic. Then, when people search for those hashtags, your post will end up in their results. In order to tie social media in with your SEO, you can utilize those hashtags to tie in with the keywords you have on your website and draw in more vested interest for your business.

The other thing that SEO and social media function well together on is links. Links are what make social media relevant to SEO, and it is through the links that you post on social media that you allow your website to gain more popularity and trustworthiness.

Think of it this way: your digital marketer posts a blog that your writer wrote on your social media. The post contains a link that directs back to the post itself on your website. When your digital marketer posts it, people see the post and click on the link. Once on your website, they may read the blog post, browse around your other pages, and even fill out a contact form. That is how social media makes a difference in your SEO.

Not all links, however, are created equal. Hootsuite writes, “Remember, it might only take one new backlink to significantly improve the search rank of a URL (depending on how competitive the keyword is and how authoritative the site is that links to your own). If you impress the right person enough to share your content on their website, you’ll see a boost in search rank and search visibility.”

Are you wondering how you can effectively integrate your social media into your SEO? Do you have further questions regarding how social media makes an impact on your website’s SEO? We at MyCity Social can help you.

Why Trust a Social Media Agency with Your Social Media & SEO?

Many businesses may try to tackle their SEO and their social media on their own. Indeed, there may be business owners that are able to do this because they have sufficient time. However, this is not the majority of business owners. In fact, many business owners hardly have the time to create a social media profile, to begin with. That is where a social media specialist can come in. They can help you to create a social media profile and provide consistent content on it so that you never have to worry if you will have the time or the creativity to maintain social media.

The other thing that you have to remember is that SEO is a much more complicated process than social media. Adapting your website to SEO practices and trying to keep up with the changing rules of search engines requires constant attention that many businesses simply do not have the time for. That, however, is where we at MyCity Social can come in. We have experts in SEO who can take care of your website for you so that you do not have to take valuable time out of your day simply trying to keep up with everything online.

At MyCity Social, in particular, we make sure that our SEO team works in conjunction with the digital marketing team so that your marketing materials and everything else that you may bring to the table is all cohesive.

We know that your business is important to you, and we understand that dealing with social media may not be something that you want to do, but that is why we are here. We can make sure that you have your social media needs to be attended to so that you never have to worry about the content that is posted in your name. We only provide the highest quality with your brand in mind. Whether you are a restaurant or a law office, we know exactly how to market for your target audience and deliver beautiful results.

social media agency Fort Lauderdale MyCity SocialOne great way of tying together social media and SEO is to provide content for the digital marketer to post on your social media. This can be in the form of blogs. Thankfully, MyCity Social has an on-staff writer who takes care of these blogs for you so that you do not need to write them yourself. When these posts are written, your digital marketer can then step in and post them to social media where they will be shared and viewed, drawing people back to your website and ultimately your business.

The other thing that you must worry about when this comes into play is the user experience of people who visit your website. There is no point in leading people back to your website if they will not stay there once they arrive. In order to mitigate this and ensure that you get conversions from people’s interest in your blog posts, you must make sure that your website is just as impressive.

At MyCity Social, we provide all these services for you. This way, you not only have an SEO specialist that can provide you with real help, but you also have a team of digital marketers, writers, and web developers that will do their best to make your business a success online. We are committed to helping small businesses through our services, and that is what makes us the SEO agency Fort Lauderdale businesses recommend.

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MyCity Social is an SEO agency Fort Lauderdale businesses prefer, and we provide an assortment of services so that you can always benefit. We understand how closely social media and SEO correlate and that is why we make sure to offer services in both departments so that you can get the comprehensive service that you need to see your business become a success. With our help, you will begin to see real change in how your social media impacts your SEO.

This is because social media is a critical part of expanding your scope of reach. Through social media, you are able to reach those audiences who would share your content. Through this simple act, you are able to garner interest in your website and translate those social media followers into real leads.

Conversely, SEO allows your social media to gain attention because it makes your business more prevalent. When your website starts to gain more traction and interest, it rises to the top of the search results and, from there, more people will have an interest in your social media.

It is because of this that social media and SEO should always be done in conjunction with each other. That is why we at MyCity Social make sure to offer both services and various sub-services beneath each of these categories. This way, you can get full services and feel confident that the return in your investment will be substantial.

Are you interested in learning more about the company? Do you have further questions about social media and SEO? Are you ready to begin the journey of developing your online presence? We can all your questions and more. Simply visit our website for detailed information about our services or contact us at MyCity Social directly to speak to a digital marketer about what your goals are for your business’s online presence. We can ensure that those dreams become a reality.


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