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Finding your target audience is incredibly important for any business. It’s not as simple of a process as many might think. A lot of new companies and even seasoned pros can make some serious mistakes that can end up being quite costly. To help prevent this, MyCity Social is here to help you out. We’re the best Miami SEO company Florida has to offer and we’ll make sure you figure out your target demographic as well as how to best appeal to them. Below we’ll point out the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to find your audience so you can avoid them. Why should you trust us though? Well, for one we create innovative technology and digital marketing services that maximize/increase exposure and have been helping the good people of Florida for five years now. We serve over 300 clients and are only continuing to grow. On top of our Miami location, we’re also based in Orlando and we assure you that you won’t find a better digital marketing company anywhere else in Florida.


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MyCity Social is dedicated to ensuring all of our clients get exactly the marketing they want and need. We do this by assisting our clients in choosing the services that best complement their unique business and consumer market. Services we provide include SEO services, digital marketing, social media marketing, PPC (pay per click), reputation management services, web development, CRM services, influencer marketing, and video and photo content generation. With all of these wonderful services we try to think outside of the box and work to give every business a unique solution to their problems. Our goal is to not only please business owners but their customers as well. We offer only the highest quality customer service and we stand by the detail-oriented work of all our employees. 


Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Trying to Find Your Target Audience 

  • Trying To Appeal to Everyone
    • There’s an old saying that if you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one. Regardless of whether your product or service is appropriate for everyone, it’s nearly impossible to come up with a marketing campaign that will appeal to everyone. People are just too different and if you try to cast too wide a net, you’ll end up catching the attention of very few people. Chances are in this case your marketing will come off as extremely generic and unexciting. More specific and focused marketing, on the other hand, will give you a much better chance of getting new clientele. When you know exactly who you want to appeal to, you have a much better chance of bringing them in. Once you’ve discovered and maintained a specific niche of people, then you can attempt marketing to other groups, but you should generally always stick to the divide and conquer method rather than just try to hit everyone at once. Your wallet will thank you, trust us.
  • Lying or Using Other Underhanded Techniques 
    • One of the worst things you can do in a marketing campaign is to lie. Not only will this anger your customers when they receive your product or service and it doesn’t do as promised, but you can also run into some serious legal trouble as well. You should never have to trick someone into purchasing your product or service. Even if you do so in a way that’s considered legal, you’ll gain a bad reputation and people will not trust you. Your products need to live up to what you advertise them as. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is extremely useful in online marketing as it helps make sure your website or articles come higher up in Google or other search engine results. Usually, SEO is implemented through specific keywords or phrases, but some marketing companies will attempt to cheat the system by tricking it and getting your website a higher ranking than it deserves. Companies that offer you these kinds of get rich quick schemes always fail in the long run and you’ll usually do more damage than good with them. Stick to reputable Miami SEO companies like MyCity Social to avoid things like this.  
  • Focusing More on Your Marketing Than on Your Products/Services
    • There’s a rule that’s known as the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule represents how much of your focus should be on your product and how much should be spent on your marketing. Generally speaking, most of your focus or 80% of it should be spent on ensuring your product is as good as it can be. Therefore the remaining 20% should be spent on marketing. The reason for this is that you can have the best marketing in the world, but if your product or service is awful you’ll never be able to maintain sales. Sure, you may be able to get more sales upfront, but word of mouth and customer reviews will make sure that you don’t have repeat customers and you will likely lose you a lot of new customers. One bad product or service can also ruin your reputation and make people hesitant to try out your new products and services. 
  • Only Targeting New Customers
    • Repeat customers make up a huge part of almost every business and a lot of companies make the mistake of only targeting new customers with their marketing. While you would think marketing would be best spent on new people that know nothing about your products or services, a lot of the time, shifting your marketing to return customers can be even more effective. For one, return customers have already bought your product or service so you don’t have to spend as much time explaining what your products or services are or do. Next, if they’ve already bought something from you and liked it, they’re more likely to try out another product you sell or even purchase the same item. You already have their trust so you won’t have to do as much convincing. Keeping fresh in the minds of customers who have already paid you a visit can mean a lot more sales with much less marketing than what is needed to convince new customers.
  • Not Engaging with Your Customers
    • With the advent of the internet and the rise of social media, it’s easier than ever for businesses to develop meaningful relationships with their customers. One of the keys to ensuring people continue to shop with your company or order services from it is to make them feel as though you’re more than just some business. If people feel like they have a real connection to your business then they’re more likely to keep coming back. Companies that have personality are memorable and leave an impression that will stick with you. Ways this can be accomplished is through consistent communication, whether it be through email or text advertisements, social media posts, or short videos where you speak directly to your audience. All of these methods are a great way to engage with your customers and make them feel like you care. When you receive a criticism, complaint or even a compliment, it’s important to acknowledge it. This way people feel like they’re helping develop your business and now they have a personal stake in it. 
  • Not Learning from Your Mistakes
    • Everyone makes mistakes. It might seem a little overused to say, but it is extremely true. Your business is bound to struggle somewhere, whether it’s a not well received marketing campaign or a product that doesn’t meet expectations, these kinds of things will happen. What will determine your success in the future is to learn from these mistakes. Ignoring and not addressing what caused you to fail in the first place is an extremely easy and sure-fire way to repeat said mistake. When attempting to reach out to a new audience you need to be firing on all cylinders and you can only do that if you continue to learn and grow. Failure is one of the best ways to learn and grow so taking it in stride and addressing your mistakes will only lead you to success. Even the biggest and most successful companies have struggled, but only those who didn’t ignore their problems or let them discourage them continue to survive to this day.


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