ADA Compliance Services

MyCity Social is a top-rated digital marketing agency providing businesses with ADA compliance services. We open your business to the world by creating a custom website that caters to the entire population.

Making your website ADA-compliant promotes inclusivity for everyone, regardless of their ability.

Our ADA website compliance accessibility service will portray your business as caring and thoughtful. We help attract new customers and make it easy for them to access your content and navigate your page without requiring assistance.

We utilize the highest industry practices and standards to craft you an ADA-compliant website that is perceivable, robust, and operable.

Our experts are fully trained in all matters regarding web content accessibility guidelines. We test to ensure all added features work well and provide a compliance letter specifying every action taken to make your website more accessible.

Our digital marketing agency advocates for inclusivity and compliance with the law. We are ready to design a dazzling website incorporating adaptive communication and assistive technology.

Remove all digital barriers today with our ADA compliance service and enjoy an influx of new customers. We ensure your website generates the maximum revenue, leads, and conversions.


Does My Website Need to be ADA-Compliant?

Yes. All websites today, whether government or business owned, must comply with web content accessibility guidelines.

The Americans with Disabilities Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines aim to create an online space that all persons can access.

At MyCity Social, we make online content more accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities, including;

  • Deafness and Hard of hearing
  • Low vision and Blindness
  • Photosensitivity
  • Cognitive limitations
  • Learning disabilities
  • Speech disabilities
  • Limited movements

The US government encourages businesses to comply with ADA and web content accessibility guidelines by providing up to $5000 in tax incentives for website accessibility.

Failing to make your website ADA compliant puts you at risk of a lawsuit, which could damage your online reputation, marketability, and financial capabilities.

Making your website ADA compliant is your moral and legal duty. Enjoy tax incentives and avoid the ramifications of a court case with our quality ADA compliance service.

MyCity Social is dedicated to providing our clients with websites that provide equal access to all your visitors.


Why must You have an ADA-Compliant Website?

This is currently a government regulation. All websites must be ADA-compliant. This ensures the following:

Adheres to the Law

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects impaired people against discrimination by online businesses.

eCommerce websites are at a higher risk of being sued for failing to follow web content accessibility guidelines. Investing in MyCity Social’s ADA compliance service saves you the hassle of enduring an avoidable lawsuit.

We answer all your questions and save you thousands of dollars you’d spend hiring an attorney and paying compensation.

Accessible to All

Creating an ADA-compliant website ensures everyone can benefit from your website’s resources and allows them to make informed decisions on your products.

MyCity Social helps enhance your website’s usability, facilitating a more memorable shopping experience for your impaired clients.

Our ADA compliance service makes your clients feel valued, heard, appreciated, and respected.

SEO Optimization

Many ADA standards, such as captions, image alt tags, video transcriptions, and sitemaps, overlap with SEO elements.

By making your website ADA compliant, you improve your page’s SEO elements and create a positive impression of your brand among search engines and online users.

ADA-compliant websites enable search engine crawlers to quickly crawl through your content and index it.

Additionally, it also enables screen assistive readers to deliver accurate information to visually impaired people or people with learning disabilities.

Your Website has Tax Credit Eligibility

In the US, businesses that prioritize accessibility and meet the ADA tax credit qualifications can receive up to 5000 dollars in IRS ADA tax credits or reductions.

This incentive is a great way to help businesses and marketers improve their sites and save money.

The ADA compliance tax credit covers 50% of the total ADA compliance website expenses you’ve incurred over the taxable year.

The tax credit you receive can help financially struggling businesses invest in brand development and expand their enterprise.

Higher Traffic and Conversion Rates

Businesses that optimize their websites to cater to the impaired demographic diversify their audience and improve their engagement levels significantly.

You will likely experience higher conversion rates if more people visit your site. MyCity Social is ready to help you tap into this market segment and grow your returns exponentially through our ADA website compliance accessibility services.

Designing an ADA-compliant website with MyCity Social also helps boost your retention rate and credibility with search engines.

People with disabilities are more likely to click away from your site if they cannot access your content and look for an ADA-compliant page.

Turn more visitors into loyal brand advocates and paying customers with our ADA compliance services.

Long-Term Profitability

ADA-compliant websites are more likely to generate a steady income because they receive more visitors and visibility.

Disabled people in the US have a cumulative disposable income of $490 billion, which could be channeled to your business with the right strategies.

Creating a more inclusive website with MyCity Social allows you to draw in more conversion opportunities and revenue streams than your competitors.

Competitive Advantage

Get ahead of all other businesses overlooking impaired people with our ADA compliance service.

You gain more popularity and enhance discoverability over competitors by improving access to your brand, content, and products.

Become your industry’s go-to business with our practical digital marketing solutions.

Positive Online Reputation

Portray your brand as caring, inclusive, and respectable by making your website ADA compliant. Positive word-of-mouth reviews spread fast over the internet and can influence people to shop from your site.

An ADA-compliant website protects your business from unnecessary lawsuits, preserving your online reputation.


Looking for the Best ADA Compliance Services?

At MyCity Social, we are the best. We provide a full range of services for you and your company, including the Americans with Disabilities Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This ensures you are covered when it comes to government regulations.

Please book an appointment with us for these and the following services as well:

We would love to work with you and achieve your digital marketing goals.


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