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MyCity Social is a top-rated digital marketing agency providing businesses worldwide with eCommerce website design services guaranteed to spark conversations and increase sales volumes.

We have the best SEO specialists in the market today. With our technical knowledge, experience, software, and equipment, we can easily turn your website into a revenue-generating tool for your enterprise.

Our aim is to create a dazzling eCommerce website that quickly and efficiently drives sales and leads.

We have unique, fresh, and innovative ideas tailor-made to suit your business and needs. Our web design services will also help market your brand and products to a diverse audience.

Our team will ensure that you have a fully functioning eCommerce website that allows your clients to browse, order, and pay for products quickly and easily.

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MyCity Social’s eCommerce web design services will help launch your business to new heights and market regions, increase sales and raise your business proficiency without opening a physical store.

Our custom eCommerce web development services allow you to stand out and position yourself ahead of the competition. We develop websites that cater to your client’s needs and search engines.

We only employ ethical white hat practices when setting up and promoting your website so you can be sure all your sales and engagements are honest and merit-based.

We offer practical and affordable online marketing solutions guaranteed to have your website sitting pretty at the top of the first page of every major search engine.

Get the best web development services from MyCity Social and watch your business break barriers and achieve its true potential.

MyCity Social’s eCommerce Website Design Process

We have developed a detailed development process that constantly delivers winning results:


During the planning phase, our SEO specialists take time to understand your business’s objectives, core values, and goals. The initial consultation allows us to align our strategies with your brand’s unique identity.

Then, we shall determine your target audience and ways to reach and drive them to your website effectively. We also set an achievable target that our marketing efforts should attain by the end of the campaign. Rest easy knowing your eCommerce website is in qualified hands at MyCity Social.

Strategy Development

Our strategy development includes collecting and analyzing data from the kick-off stage and using it to create a proposal and develop a mock website.

Our team shall decide which techniques shall be sued to propel your business to a relevant audience in your niche faster. Their strategies aim to make your brand a recognized market leader in your industry.

We shall come up with a comprehensive action plan that captures the attention of your clients and search engine pages.

Website Development

This phase involves building and optimizing your eCommerce website. We ensure all aspects of your website, including color scheme, logo design, and interactive site elements, meet your standards and reflect your brand.

At MyCity Social, we channel our passion for eCommerce web design into creating a digital storefront that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Through a custom design website, we enable you to provide a personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Once front-end and back-end development are complete, our eCommerce website design specialists meet with you to seek your approval and opinion on the finished design.

The Launch

Once you approve the eCommerce web design, we will transfer your website to a live server.

We train our clients to utilize their websites to their brand’s advantage. Our team will advise you on how to manage the back end of your website. They will also offer ongoing website maintenance and optimization to ensure your site remains in peak condition.

Give your customers a world-class shopping experience with a gorgeous and functional website from MyCity Social.

Why You Should Develop Your eCommerce Website with MyCity Social

Here is why we are the top SEO services company designing eCommerce websites in the US:

We Put Your Needs First

Our eCommerce website design company prides itself on our strong relationships with our esteemed clients. All our design processes are centered around your needs and budget.

We always involve you in every aspect of the design and only execute campaigns that you have approved. As the project owner, you have the final word on your website’s ultimate design.

MyCity Social is committed to your business’s success. Trust us to effectively manage all aspects of your website while focusing on more pressing issues.

We will develop a high-functioning website that helps you achieve all your online business goals.

We Shall Optimize Your Website

Partnering with MyCity Social means getting an SEO-friendly website built from scratch. We utilize proven SEO practices that help boost your eCommerce website’s visibility, engagement, and credibility.

We write SEO-optimized content that effectively communicates your brand’s message, essential product information, unique selling points, and culture.

Our SEO specialists improve your site’s speed and navigability to give your page visitors a comfortable user experience.

We ensure your website has a modern responsive design that allows it to fit and function well on screens of all sizes. Our team will make your website accessible to impaired individuals by ensuring it fully complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Additionally, we shall incorporate conversion-optimized design into your eCommerce website to help drive consumers to the bottom of your sales funnel. We also include convincing product descriptions and CTAs encouraging users to purchase.

Constant Updates and Maintenance

MyCity Social works tirelessly to ensure your successful website remains in peak condition.

We stay ahead of trends and regularly update your eCommerce website, making it relevant to search engines. We seize every opportunity available to push your company forward.

Our team will install tracking tools and site analytics that can generate reports, which we shall use to pinpoint any weaknesses in your website. We also use these tools to measure the overall success of our campaigns.

Are You Ready for Your Customized eCommerce Website Design?

Well, at MyCity Social, we are ready for you! We have a team of SEO specialists committed to creating the best websites for our clients, and you will be pleased with what we make for you. Our expertise is unmatched, and our six years of experience will ensure that you get the best in the market.

As a full-service firm, we also offer the following:

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