Analytic apps can be a useful tool in the digital marketing arsenal in order to look at and make sense of your web statistics so that you can optimize your search results and pageviews for more potential clients. They can help you figure out your top performing Tweets, the times of day when your Instagram posts get the most engagements, and whether your Facebook marketing strategy translates to traffic and leads. If you’re not using social media analytics tools, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what you’re missing. Tracking and analyzing your web presence is a crucial part of business branding today, and there are many applications out there to help you do so. MyCity Social is a top Digital Marketing Agency Orlando business owners rely on, and recommend these applications to help with your web analytics. Call us today to expand your digital brand!

Analyzing Your Web Statistics

Tracking statistics and interpreting data is crucial in any business in order to figure out the best choices for your company. Online businesses especially should be tracking their performance, as the success of an online business is dependent upon a combination of multiple marketing strategies and different traffic sources. To figure out where your business is going and how it has achieved certain successes (in order to replicate them), MyCity Social, a top digital marketing agency Orlando business owners rely on, recommend utilizing at least one of these analytic apps.

Analytic Apps To Track Your Performance

The most commonly used web analytic tool is Google Analytics. Most people start up with this app because it provides relevant information, plus it’s free. Google Analytics is generally the go-to starter tool in order to measure data on your site, and you absolutely need to be running this on your site, possibly in cohesion with Google Webmaster Tools. Clicky Analytics is another great analytic tool you can utilize. This app has been making waves in the analytics biz since it was released, and is often the first tool that newbies shift towards after they’ve already implemented Google analytics. The difference between the two is that with Google Analytics you get information for the day before, whereas Click operates in real time so you can get immediate feedback regarding your traffic. This can be very useful if you get a spike in visitors from some outside source, making Clicky a fantastic overall analytics package that offers access to real time data. Mint Analytics is a relatively new tool on the market, and though you do have to pay a small fee, you only have to pay once. Mint charges one fee of $30 upfront with zero recurring costs, unlike Clicky. The product itself is also stellar, with a clean and easy layout and easily readable charts that illustrate the information you require.

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Analytic apps can help you figure out your marketing needs and optimize your online presence. MyCity Social is a top digital marketing agency Orlando business owners love, and we use apps like the ones we mentioned above in order to create a digital marketing plan for you. Call us today to help build your business!


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