Instagram is a major part of our lives, with millions of users and promotional opportunities. Instagram marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing, and it’s essential for companies to keep up so that they can maximize their digital marketing. The new instagram algorithm that came last spring has changed the way that digital marketers need to approach the platform, and here we are going to analyze just how the algorithm chooses what photos and videos show up in the feed of a potential client or customer, and what this means to digital marketers. MyCity Social is a top Digital Marketing Agency Orlando business owners trust. For your SEO needs, call MyCity Social today!


What The Instagram Algorithm Does


What shows up in your Instagram feed is not only based on the people you follow, but also on the interests you express by browsing and clicking. Basically, the feed is personalized to you based on your online interests. Instagram leans on machine learning to mine your past behavior in order to produce a personalized feed for every user. Even if you follow the exact same accounts as another person, your feed will still be different as it will be personalized based on the way you interact with these accounts. What is key is what and how Instagram places as your “friends and family” category, as these are the accounts that will pop up the most in your feed.


Instagram Marketing And How Instagram Determines Interest


How Instagram does this is through predicting what photos and videos are the most interesting to you, and they utilize three main factors to figure this out. These factors are interest, timeliness, and relationship. Interest is defined as how Instagram predicts the amount you’ll care about a post. The more they think you’ll “like” that post, the higher it will show up in your Instagram feed. Interest is rooted in how you’ve behaved in the past regarding similar content, and machine vision analyzes the actual content of the post. This functions kind of like the Instagram Explore page- once you like one video of hamsters, your entire explore page will fill up with videos of hamsters. If somebody in your feed posts a video of a hamster playing the piano, Instagram will think that you’ll like that as well. The second factor they utilize is Timeliness, which is essentially how long ago the photo was posted. The new algorithm Instagram has implemented will prioritize recent posts, so you’ll be seeing fewer posts from over a week ago. Instagram has started to focus on more about when you posted something, rather than only the content or engagement on the post. During the holidays last year, a lot of people were still seeing Christmas posts even though it was pass New Year’s. The new algorithm is supposed to deal with this issue. The last factor is Relationship, and the way you know this person. If you comment on a lot of somebody’s photos or are tagged in photos with them, Instagram will note that they are probably in your “friends and family” category. MyCity Social, a Digital Marketing Agency Orlando business owners trust, recommends that one way this can be incorporated into digital marketing is to encourage your followers to tag you in posts. This way, you will show up more frequently in their feeds.


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