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If you own a business, then you know how crucial it is to understand search engine optimization or SEO. According to the SEO company, Miami businesses trust a fundamental part of SEO is tracking keywords. When potential customers conduct searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, they use certain words or phrases that translate into keywords that can help your website become well-optimized and rank higher in online searches. A digital marketing company like MyCity Social in Miami can help you create a well rounded and effective keyword strategy that will increase your company’s chances of being featured on the top of a search engine’s results page. Keep reading for more keyword tips and advice from the experts!

What is the Best Keyword Research Tool?

Digital marketing techniques have taken center stage in the marketing industry for the last several years, and having an online presence is a critical component of marketing your business’ services or products. One of the best ways to ensure that your brand is getting seen by potential customers is to track your keyword rankings to help figure out search trends to learn what your target audience is looking for. Having this information will help you increase your chances of getting through to your target demographic online, and it will also help you figure out which marketing techniques are working and which ones need to be adjusted and need improvements. Keeping track of a variety of different keywords that describe your business will help demonstrate which words are continually giving business owners results, that way you can integrate them into your social media posts and into your website pages that are not ranking as well as they should be. Also, monitoring keywords can help you identify the ones that are growing in popularity. This means that you will be able to stay ahead of the curve and trends. If you do this correctly, it can help your company grow in popularity and in search results. There are different tools available to assist you with tracking keywords allowing you to spend less time trying to identify keyword statistics and analyze them for results that could help optimize your site. However, because there are so many different options available to business owners, it is critical that you find the tool that is right for you but trying to filter through all of the tools out there can take a significant amount of time, which is why you will find some of the top options below. 

  • Dyno Mapper: This tool is a visual sitemap generator and keyword tracking tool all wrapped up in one. This app allows you to create a sitemap of your website and then the DYNO mapperś keyword tracker will generate any keywords from the meta of your site. You also will have the option of tracking specific keywords or phrases by both search engine and location. Another added bonus of this tool is that it is fully integrated with Google Analytics, which means you will be able to identify your highest-ranking pages. This is imperative information for you when youŕe looking to plan future posts or trying to edit your existing pages and content. However, it is the most crucial when you are planning to redesign your site entirely. DYNO Mapper also allows you the ability to keep track of your competitors content and monitor what they are doing. This will allow you the ability to stay on top of current popular trends and possibly gain the upper hand in the market. The tool will also send you regular updates so you can track your siteś performance. This includes sitemap comments, daily keyword rankings, as well as weekly and monthly content monitoring. This tool is available monthly or yearly with plans that start as low as $40 a month for up to 1,000 keyword phrases and unlimited domain tracking daily, per device, and by location. Each available package also allows you to have unlimited users, but the only difference is the number of sites, pages, and keywords youŕe allowed to monitor. 
  • SEO Profiler: Similarly to DYNO Mapper, this tool provides much more than just keyword tracking, but it doesn’t have quite as many features. This tool is not only easy to use, but it also integrates Google Analytics. There are two specific tools that SEO Profiler uses that helps it rank among the top recommended tools. This tool will enable you to keep constant tabs on your top competitors as well as the keywords they are utilizing to rank so well. Having this information will allow you to implement those keywords into your posts, boosting your ranking in searches. Once you improve your rank SEO Profiler will allow you to monitor how well you’re ranking compared to your competitors. Additionally, this tool will alert you of new keyword opportunities as they become available. These are the keywords that aren’t ranking at number one yet, but there is potential for them to grow into being in the number one spot if they are used correctly. Knowing this information will allow your business to have an advantage over your competition because you will begin using them before they grow in popularity. As your site begins to rank higher in search results, these keywords will increase your website’s traffic. 
  • SEMrush: This is one of the best keyword tracking tools, even though it doesn’t differentiate between your site and competitor ́s sites. Although it does have itś benefits a significant downside is that it will not let you track your competition, it will only allow you to monitor your own statistics and give you suggestions for making improvements to your site. However, the tool is extremely easy to use. With the search option of the tool, you are able to ask SEMrush to rank a site’s search engine results by simply providing a URL. Once the results are delivered, you will be able to compare them to other sites or individual pages by choosing a keyword. You may think that this sounds exactly like the other tools that were discussed, but the major difference is that you need to wait for SEMrush to analyze your site and then manually select each keyword where others require much less effort from you. In order to receive detailed information and date, you will need to pay roughly $70 per month. 
  • The Competitive Research and Keyword Research Gadget: Although this isn’t exactly a tool, it is a gadget that can help! This particular gadget gets added to your site as a widget so it is a button you can press to generate information on keyword rankings. This free installation also provides a competitive analysis tool; that way, you can see how well your site is doing compared to your competition. You will also have the option to use the Competitive Research and Keyword Research Gadget with any other analysis tool you want. That is why this gadget is a fantastic starting point if you’re looking for a way to analyze your site and compare it to your rivals. 
  • Google Keyword Planner: This tool will give you the ability to research and track keywords and trends that are relevant to your business. If you’re working on preparing content for your site, you can use the Google Keyword Planner to look up keywords that are related to your site and services. Not only will the Google Keyword Planner report back with specific words or phrases that you should implement, but it will also show you how well they are ranking. On top of displaying the keywords, current rank Google Keyword Planner will also provide a report on how they have performed over time. Despite the fact that this tool’s main function is to help you plan your site and content, it does allow you to check and monitor your site’s ranking as well as find information on your competitors. However, it is critical to note that although this tool will give you a detailed and in-depth idea of how you’re ranking on Google, there will be no information on your rankings with Yahoo or Bing, which means you may be missing out on some vital information. 
  • WooRank: This tool will give you information on your website’s technical information and give you the ability to add competitor’s URLs, so you’re able to make comparisons to see how they are ranking versus how well you’re ranking. An added benefit of the WooRank tool is not only does it allow you to review your site’s rankings according to specific keywords, but you’re able to see how your SEO is ranking as a whole while also giving you positive feedback on the things you are doing well and pointing out areas that could use improvements. This function will save information as well, so once you have made improvements, you can reevaluate your site and compare it to previous reports. The tool also has the ability to automatically identify keywords that you’ve used in the past and make suggestions on ones that you may have missed but should include in your content. If there are keywords that aren’t added onto the list, you will be able to input them manually. You can use WooRanking for seven days free of charge before deciding whether or not you want to buy the Pro Plan, which you can only evaluate one project a month for $49 per month or the Premium Plan for unlimited projects at $149 per month. 
  • Ahrefs: Many professionals that like SEMRush say that this tool is their second favorite when ranking keywords. Ahrefs is best used with another keyword tool because it’s main job is to evaluate backlinks. When using this tool, you will be able to analyze the external links that your competition is using. This tool also provides amazing customer support and service, which means you will never lose time trying to figure out how to operate and use this tool because they provide incredible support to their customers. As a keyword ranking tool, Ahrefs top feature is to automatically find the keywords that your site is currently ranking on. You will also have the ability to tell the tool which country’s search engine results you want it to investigate that way you can get a localized report for your different markets. This function is often overlooked since companies are usually more concerned with their rankings in their own country since that makes up most of their target market. Ahrefs offers an extremely limited free version, but the experts recommend getting the $79 per month package is you decide this tool is right for you. 
  • Advanced Web Ranking: This tool operates as a desktop and cloud-based tool. One of the highlighted functions of Advanced Web Ranking is that it allows you the ability to track an unlimited amount of websites. This means that unlike other tools, you won’t have to choose only your top-ten competitors to monitor and potentially leave behind other business that may be unexpectedly doing better. The tool also allows you to receive automated reports on a schedule you choose to see how well your website and pages are ranking. You will also have the option of generating a report manually is you need it off schedule for a specific reason or event like a meeting. There are four different packages available, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Server. Each package comes at a different monthly price and has a variety of features available. 

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