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Call to action marketing is imperative to making sure that the conversion rate for your website is increased. Finding the right Orlando SEO services is critical to making sure your company has the knowledge and understanding to utilize these strategies and gain new business. MyCity Social in Orlando has a team of experts that have extensive practice achieving increased conversion rates for their clients. For more information on their tricks, tips, and advice, keep reading below!

Use Call to Action Marketing to Enhance Your Conversion Rate

Every company wants to increase their conversion right because turning leads into customers means they are gaining new business and increasing their revenue, which is the goal of every organization. However, a lot of business owners don’t understand that implementing a successful call to action is a critical component to achieving and accomplishing this goal! The top providers of Orlando SEO services believe that there are a number of steps that every business needs to follow in order to create high-converting calls to action. It’s funny to think that one small button has the potential to make or break a business, but the truth of the matter is it does, and it’s time to pay more attention to it. It is vital that as a business owner, you make sure your marketing team is dedicating enough time and resources to be sure that your call to action button is as optimized as possible. However, before you can be worried about making sure your call to action is successful, you need to understand precisely what it is. 

The call to action button is a text that is located on the landing page of your website. It is typically made up of a combination of an image and text. Its job is to tell your audience what you want them to do once they visit your landing page. For instance, a call to action button on a company’s rewards page may prompt them to “Join Now” to receive instant benefits. The call to action button is a sort of bridge between what your potential customer is already interested in and something that has a higher value. In regards to how a call to action button looks, there is really no right or wrong. It can be as traditional or as non-traditional as you’d like as long as it captures attention. You need to keep in mind that your call to action button can be any situation or on any page of your website that you want a visitor to do something. It is used to entice your readers to do something. You can make your call to action extremely simple or a little more elaborate, but it is critical to keep in mind that you don’t want it to be too complicated that it becomes visually overwhelming. According to research done by marketing experts, consumers go through six different steps before deciding to click on a call to action button. 

  • Arrest attention
  • Build connection
  • Build problem
  • Build interest
  • Build suspense
  • Transfer momentum

There are a specific process and significant steps that you need to take when you’re creating your call to action button. You need to be sure that the transition from your content to your call to action is simple and seamless; that way, your target audience doesn’t even realize they are following your call to action. If you’re able to do this than you will without a doubt, increase your conversion rate!

  • Use a color that stands out: Your call to action button needs to be a color that isn’t black, white, or grey. You need it to stand out and capture the attention of your readers. There is an endless amount of options for different color combinations, shadows, font styles, gradients, and borders. You can narrow the options down by following a simple checklist like it needs to be a color, it has to stand out, it can’t clash with the background, and it needs to grab and keep attention. A quick test that you can conduct is by making a variety of buttons in different colors and do a fast glance to see which one captures your attention. Then have other people do it to figure out which one is the best choice for your site. When it comes to making color decisions, a lot of the decision making will be dependant on the color scheme of your website as well as the design elements. If there are a few color combinations that you like and you aren’t sure which will work better test them all out. Insert a call to action button and leave it for a couple of weeks. After the time frame, change it for another option and leave it for the same time period. Once you have gone through all of your options, look at the data for your click-through rate with the different call to action buttons. The one that performs the best is the one that drew the most attention and the one you should use. Remember color is a powerful element it affects the way we perceive the energy in a room, so it is imperative that you pay close attention to it with your call to action button. 
  • Keep it simple: Just because it needs to stand out doesn’t mean that there should be effects and images all around it because this will actually work against the goal. Research and testing have proven that the most successful call to action buttons are those that are designed simply. For instance, buttons that feature “boring” font colors like white were noted as being some of the highest performing while the highest performing button colors were orange, blue, red, and green. It makes sense that people choose the buttons with white font since it looks good against all of those colors and is very readable. When it came to the borders of the buttons, the most popular colors were neutrals, including white, black, and grey. Keeping the background of the page simple was a fantastic way of drawing the reader’s attention to the call to action button since they were brightly colored. Also, using basic design elements to direct the visitors to where they needed to be was extremely effective. Just because you are keeping something simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can make it captivating by adding exciting copy, eye-popping colors, and high-octane design. 
  • Find the right size: Bigger is not always better when it comes to your call to action button. Yes, you want to draw attention to it, but you don’t want to overwhelm your visitor. The size of the button needs to make sense. You want to make the button easy for people to click on if it’s too big, looks odd, or unnatural visitors may be less likely to click on it because they might not trust it. Size is something that is especially important in today’s world, where most users are visiting websites on mobile devices. If a button is too large, then it will take away from the clean design and copy, but if they are too small than the button may be too small for people to click on with their thumbs. 
  • No more than two choices: Everyone loves to feel like they have a decision or say in something so you may be tempted to provide more than one call to action button, but giving your visitors too many choices could end up backfiring on you. Most of the time, there is only one call to action button, but there have been times that companies offer their readers more than one choice. However, if you do this, you need to be creative with your copy. There are a couple of different situations where you may want to offer more than one call to action button. The first situation is when you want your reader to choose one thing, but you want to make sure that they feel like the decision was theirs, and they weren’t forced into it. In this scenario it is critical to get creative, the button that you want them to click on should have positive text on it, so it is appealing to your reader while the other button has negative text, so it makes the reader uncomfortable. By doing this, the reader will still do what you wanted, but they felt like they had a choice, and they weren’t forced. In the second situation, you may have different offerings for men and women, so there may be two call to action buttons one for men to click and another for women. 
  • Make it clickable: If you want your audience to click on something, then it’s important that they know they can. After all, we are talking about “buttons.” This should probably go without saying, but there are certain things that should be included in the design that makes it look like a button, so people know to click. 
    • Rectangular shape
    • Clear boundaries/borders
    • White space surrounding
    • Contrasting color

Another call to action trick is starting the phrasing on the button with an action word like “join” or “act.” These words let the reader now this button will create an action. 

  • Make it obvious: There is a natural flow to a website or landing page, and your call to action button should be the final step in the process. It is the thing that your reader has been working towards, and it should be located in a place that encourages action. When your visitor gets to the call to action button, they should know they are supposed to click the button now. Calls to action that have obvious wording and state exactly what is going to happen when a consumer clicks on it have a much higher conversion rate than buttons that are less obvious. 
  • Keep it short and sweet: Your call to action needs to be obvious in and your face. You don’t want to get creative here because you want your reader to know exactly what to do and what is going to happen. There is only enough room for a couple of words, so you need to make sure you choose them wisely. When your deciding on the copy for your call to action button think of road signs how they are short and sweet, but you know exactly what to do, you want the same from your call to action button. You have prepped the reader for this moment throughout the entire time they were on your website. The messages, content, colors, and placement have all played a part in getting them to the call to action button, and now you want them to look and click. 

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