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Did you ever hear the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” Although that expression is referring to people, the same is true for your company’s website. The first page any visitors sees on your site is the landing page, which is why it needs to stand out and capture their attention, or they won’t stay and they definitely won’t come back. A top landing page creator at MyCity Social wants to make sure that you have all of the knowledge you need to create a stellar landing page that is going to keep people returning to your site. As a top Miami SEO Company, their team of experts can help you learn the tricks of the trade and make sure that your website is something that is easy to use and captivating to visitors!

Best Practices for Optimizing the First Page of Your Website According to a Landing Page Creator

Optimizing your landing page doesn’t just happen. It is something that takes a significant amount of time and effort. That is why a lot of business owners are turning to a Miami SEO company to help them learn the best practices for making sure their website is optimized correctly. Many times marketing teams get frustrated and stop trying to get it right, but this is one of the biggest mistakes that a business can make. The best way to improve your landing page is to focus your attention on collecting data and analyzing it. Your landing page should be initially created based on the information you already have on your target audience, and then as you get more intel as people visit your site, you can make adjustments and changes accordingly. It is also imperative that you understand how to take that data and transform it into decisions to increase your leads and eventually your sales. There are a few tips that experts use to optimize a landing page, keep reading to find out more below!

There are a number of reasons why your landing page may be failing to convert. However, more times than not, the reason is that there is a misunderstanding about what your target audience is looking for. If you aren’t able to accurately predict what your visitors want and need, then your conversion rate will stay low. Of course, there are other mistakes that professionals have seen including unintuitive designs, poor headlines and content, a disconnection between your copy and the copy of your landing page, unclear calls to action, and distractions from the landing page’s purpose. You won’t know exactly why your page isn’t converting until you start collecting and examining the data in Google Analytics. When it comes to a good conversion rate for a landing page, there are a number of different answers. The best landing pages will be able to convert up to roughly twenty-eight percent of leads, but the median range in most industries is between two and six percent. When you’re dealing with your landing page, a good indication of success is how much improvement is being made. For instance, if your conversion rates are remaining the same month after month, then you’re probably not collecting data and making changes as much as you should be. There should constantly be a strong relationship between the traffic that your website is seeing and its conversion rates if you see an increase in web traffic, then there should also be a rise in your conversion rate. However, there are times where you could see an increase in quality traffic, but none in your conversions. This is a strong indication that there is something wrong with your landing page, offer, or even your product or service and figuring out which it is is critical to improving the conversions you’re getting. 

  • Landing page: The design, imagery, or framework of your page can be turning your visitors off for some reason.
  • Offer: The “grab” you’re using to try to convert your audience isn’t relevant or relatable to them.
  • Product/Service: The service or product you’re providing isn’t desirable enough to convince people they should buy it.

Landing page optimization is the process of enhancing every element of your landing page in an effort to increase the number of leads that are turned into conversions. It is important to note that you shouldn’t just redesign your landing page based on a hunch you have that it isn’t working. You need to collect and examine data to have evidence of what needs to be changed. One of the greatest tools you have at your disposal is being able to collect info on your landing page before it even goes live. Only by looking and watching your target audience, you can better understand them and what they are expecting. It is impossible to create a perfect landing page right off the bat. Instead, you need to publish the page and make it live before you are able to make tweaks and changes to improve conversion rates. 

Before you even create your landing page, you need to take the time to start identifying potential roadblocks and problems you may experience. Just because there is one component that isn’t working, that doesn’t mean everything needs to be changed or redesigned. The first thing you need to do is figure out specific problems that could possibly be contributing to a low conversion rate. Once you have identified these problems, you can change just those aspects. One helpful tool to use is called a heat map. This can show you where people are clicking on your landing page, which can help you figure out if they are paying attention to your call to action or ignoring it or if they are focusing too much attention on an unimportant feature like a stock photo. Having this information will allow you to figure out where you should be putting your most important content and information so it will draw the most attention and get more clicks. There are other visual data reports that can help you get important insight into your landing page. For example, scroll maps, confetti maps, overlay reports, and list reports will all give you vital data that can be helpful when trying to improve the optimization of your landing page. A scroll map gives you a look at how visitors are scrolling on your page. The white and blue sections of a scroll map show you where someone left you page, or they scrolled quickly past something. Any section that is red, orange, or yellow shows an area that people stopped to read or focus on. A confetti report will show you where every click happened on your page. This is important to know so you can be sure to place your most important links in those areas.  

If your goal is to improve your conversion rates than you need to be designing your landing page optimization with best practices and relevant data in mind. The same way you design products or services to appeal to the wants and needs of your target audience your landing pay has to compel that same audience to act. Some best practices to keep in mind include: 

  • Make the offer clear: One of the most crucial components of marketing is making sure that your customer has a positive experience. If a potential customer relates positive emotions with your brand, they are more likely to convert. You want to design your landing page to make your target audience feel smart, appreciated, inspired, and excited. One thing you need to keep in mind is the wording in your headlines. Since these are the first thing, your reader sees, it is critical that they capture their attention and make them feel good. 
  • Less is more: If there is too much going on with your landing page, the visitor will immediately feel overwhelmed, which isn’t a positive emotion. You want your target audience to focus all of their attention on your call to action rather than other things on the page. This means you want to simply the content you use as well as the graphics you display. 
  • Contrasting colors: Using contrasting colors is a fantastic way to highlight certain elements and make them stand out to the reader. 
  • Above the fold: This concept is something that goes back to the beginning of newspapers. The most important news was always placed above the fold of the paper, and you should use this same practice with your landing page. Every website has a “digital fold” this is the place where a user needs to scroll to get more information. Although it’s difficult to determine where this fold will be because some users are looking at your site on a mobile phone and others are using a tablet or computer, but try your best to determine where it will be and place your most important information above that point. A scroll map is also a useful tool for determining where the fold will be. The map will assist you with easily identifying the location of the average fold on the different devices that readers use. 
  • Use scarcity techniques: There is a reason why so many companies use phrases like “for a limited time only” or “limited quantities available.” Scarcity encourages people to buy things that they don’t think will be available for long. No one likes to miss out on something, so utilizing these phrases can help compel conversions. 
  • Keep your call to action straight forward: The call to action button on your landing page should not cause your target audience to get stressed, remember you want them to keep positive emotions when they are on your site. Make your offer clear and obvious, so they know exactly what to do. You don’t need to use fancy language or include complicated offers, actually doing that could hurt your conversion rate. Some phrases to consider using include “Join to Download,” “Join Now,” or “Pick Up Here.” The more simple, the more effective. 
  • Include contact information: There are a number of different ways for you to incorporate your contact information on your landing page. You can put your phone number, email address, or address on your landing page or you can implement a contact form. Also, you could include a link to your help center if your company has one. Customers know that if they need the answer to a frequently asked question or contact information, they can find it in a company’s help center so include just that is adequate.
  • Switch up your headlines and copy: Even though it seems like the general population is obsessed with imagery and videos thanks to social media, people will still read what you write. This means it is imperative for you to make sure your content is relevant to your target audience and that it will resonate with them. You may way to try A/B testing on different headlines for your landing page and even change the content on the page to see how different ones perform. 
  • Consistency is key: Of course, you want to make sure that your message is on-brand visual consistency is critical to improving conversion rates. You need to make sure that elements on your different digital ads match the elements on your landing page. For instance, if you have an Instagram ad that brings leads to your landing page you need to be sure that the text, pictures, and other elements of your ad match the page they are being brought to. If they don’t look similar visually and don’t present the same information or offer potential customers will be confused and will leave your page. 

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