Custom Web Design Services

MyCity Social uses state-of-the-art software to offer customized web design services for our clients. We provide a unique online experience that will strengthen your brand reputation, seize the attention of your target audience and help position you at the top of search engine pages.

Your website is the face of your enterprise and is what your customers use to judge your online brand. Our expert team shall fashion a website that displays what you are selling, your core values, and your unique propositions. This is a website that shall support all your digital marketing efforts.

Ensure customers and search engines easily find and navigate your page with our custom web design service agency. Improve your brand’s success and profitability with MyCity Social.


Custom Fit Web Design vs. Website Templates: Which is Better?

A custom-fit web design is a powerful tool that allows you to market your products 24/7 across various locations. Experts at MyCity Social ensure you get the maximum return on investment regardless of the design you use.

A website template is an already prepared web design that allows you to insert content into a framework built into CSS or HTML. Though website templates save you time and money, they need more uniqueness and flexibility. You can edit a few website features, such as font styles, colors, and images.

A custom website design allows you to express and establish your brand using tailor-made page elements that align with your theme and objectives.

Custom web design costs are slightly higher than website templates, but they deliver higher savings and a competitive edge in the industry. MyCity Social offers affordable custom website design packages guaranteed to suit your needs and budget.

Choosing a custom website design allows you to establish your digital footprint in an already crowded online space.

A professional custom web design from MyCity Social allows you to avoid unnecessary bloatware and functionalities that may affect your website’s load speed.

We incorporate search engine optimization and robust site architecture into all our custom website designs. The control, revenue, and credibility earned from personalized pages make the custom web design cost worth it.


Our Custom Web Design Services Package!

Our custom web design package is all-inclusive! Our goal is to direct customers to your sales channel and achieve your business goals quickly and cost-effectively with our professional custom web design service. These include:

WordPress Design

Don’t let your website blend in with other generic online pages. Stand out from the crowd with our custom WordPress website design.  We have several experts at our custom web design service agency ready to create an elegant WordPress page that matches your individuality.

Website Analysis 

MyCity Social shall collect and analyze data from your website and use the data to develop strategies that will boost your visibility and awareness.

Additionally, we shall audit your site to understand what areas need improvement and how to build on existing strengths. This allows us to create a custom website design that appeals to your target audience.

Logo Design

Our customized web design and development package includes Logo Design. MyCity Social will build and embed a unique logo that reflects your brand accurately. We shall create several logo designs and let you choose the one you like the most.

Also, we can redesign existing logos at a competitive price.

Content Writing

Once your website is up and running, we add content that resonates with your audience. This includes the use of ‘target keywords’ that are most searched. Customers engage more with sites that have well-structured and designed content.

MyCity Social’s custom website design services include writing exciting and engaging content that keeps your customers hooked on your site.

We constantly update your website with original posts that entice visitors to explore your page, share your content and make purchases.

Video Production

MyCity Social’s custom web design and development package includes video and photo production. Our team will create quality videos relevant to your niche that capture your customers’ attention.

We offer videography services that include script writing, voiceovers, and visuals. Deliver your message quickly and clearly with the leading custom web design service agency.

eCommerce Web Design

Our custom web design service will help enhance your clients’ shopping experience with a customized eCommerce website.

We simplify your navigation, write convincing descriptions, publish high-resolution images and emphasize your unique selling points.

ADA Compliance

We incorporate ADA-compliant features into your custom website design so individuals with impairments can access your content.

Our experts provide descriptive labels, enable keyboard navigation, and maintain a proper contrast ratio.

Responsive Custom Website Design

Avoid losing potential customers and sales with MyCity Social’s responsive website design agency. We ensure your professional custom web design adapts to screens of all sizes, increasing customer retention rate and boosting sales.

We use scalable vector graphics (SVGs) to standardize clickable buttons and areas, maximize device features and add responsive images.

Website Maintenance

After launching your page, you can rest easy knowing that a professional custom web design agency handles your maintenance and updates. We back up your website, perform user testing, fix broken links, check for security updates, and eliminate unnecessary form fields that affect sales.

We offer reliable round-the-clock technical support to protect your website from crashes and cyber attacks.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our custom website design services increase your leads and conversions by creating compelling CTAs and simplifying your registration and checkout process to direct your clients to the bottom of your sales funnel.

Content Management System (CMS) Integration

MyCity Social offers the best CMS integration services. Our experts will add CMS capabilities to your custom WordPress website design that streamlines your management and translation process.

They will then utilize advanced language technologies and plugins to manage your multilingual websites easily.

Website Hosting

MyCity Social’s professional custom web design and hosting services guarantee high uptime, improved performance, and sound site security.

We offer unlimited bandwidth, vast storage spaces, and reliable customer services.


Looking for the Best Custom Web Design Services?

MyCity Social offers the best web design services. We would love to help take your company to international standards with a well-designed, optimized website that serves your customers efficiently.

Being a full-service firm, we also promise to offer the following services:

We would love to create your company website for you. Please schedule an appointment with us today!


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