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MyCity Social is a family-owned digital marketing agency providing world-class WordPress website design services to all businesses worldwide.

We use modern techniques and strategies to deliver fully-functional professional websites that provide you with everything you need to make sales and connect with your audience. Our promise is to build a website that authentically reflects your brand and conveys your message to your target audience.

The professional WordPress design and development service we offer is geared towards aligning your website with your brand goals and objectives. We take it upon ourselves to meet and exceed your expectations. We have various reasonably priced custom website design packages for you to choose from.

MyCity Social’s WordPress development team will take you through every step of the process and incorporate your views and demands into the website.

Trust us – the leading custom web design and development company worldwide to fit you with a highly optimized website that generates sustainable revenue for years to come.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a recognized web creation tool that powers over 38% of the web. A WordPress website is extremely user-friendly, simple, and straightforward.  At MyCity Social, we design elegant WordPress websites for your business that allow you to free your story and connect with your audience.

We code and optimize your WordPress Website quickly and efficiently, so you can start selling your products soon.


Our Professional WordPress Design and Development Service

A custom WordPress website is perfect for every business, as it helps draw and retain quality web traffic to your site, improving engagement and conversion levels. Here’s why every online business needs a custom WordPress website;


A WordPress website provides business owners with a fully-customizable platform that is ideal for creating several websites. Showcase your business site, eCommerce shop, or blog exactly how you want it with our professional WordPress design and development services.

WordPress offers over 5000 themes for web developers to refer to and even allows you to build your custom website design from scratch.

Powerful Website Plugins

WordPress has plugins that will enable you to add visual sliders, custom forms, and other visually appealing elements to your website.

You also get powerful SEO and analytics tools for building a website with MyCity Social. The over 50,000 available plugins streamline the building of a functional WordPress Website.

Simple Content Management Systems

WordPress websites are straightforward enough for non-technical audiences to use. All you have to do is log in to your dashboard, update your content, and refresh your page to see the changes.

SEO-Ready Web Designs

A WordPress website is structured to make optimization as quick and easy as possible. You can easily add metadata to all your posts, include keywords in your permalinks, and optimize images with alt text.

WordPress plugins and themes also provide a quality user experience that search engines reward with higher rankings.

MyCity Social’s WordPress development team works tirelessly to equip your website with the tools it needs to attract leads and generate more traffic.

Working with our WordPress web design agency allows you to enjoy the benefits of an already-optimized site. We focus on enhancing functionality, so your clients can shop on your page hassle-free.


Our WordPress Web Design Services

MyCity Social is known for delivering professional WordPress design and development services that are reliable and result-oriented and can turn small and medium-sized businesses into profitable enterprises.

We have the best web designers who will choose a theme that is SEO friendly and tweaks the code to suit your taste. They will create stylish designs that will boost your credibility and awareness.

Our WordPress development team can easily create a custom theme for your brand if your site requirements exceed the templates offered. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and design a website that incorporates impressive plugins and matches your theme flawlessly.

WordPress Maintenance

MyCity Social staff will constantly update your WordPress website to enhance its performance, ensure security, and fix errors. We perform monthly audits to identify and remove any bugs that affect your ranking and conversion rates.

Also, our staff will guarantee your site continues running smoothly with no glitches while changes take effect. We shall back up your website at our WordPress web design agency to avoid data loss and safeguard your content.

Content Writing

MyCity Social’s management services update your site with content that informs and entices your target audience to spend time on your page.

We constantly upload blogs and product descriptions to your WordPress website, establishing your brand as a unique-thinking market leader in your industry.

Technical SEO 

Our SEO staff will use technical SEO to ensure your WordPress website is mobile-responsive and structured to accommodate search engine crawlers.

They will also inspect and optimize your URL structures, header tags, and image alt attributes to ensure your website is indexed as relevant in front of your target audience.

ADA Compliance Services

Our ADA compliance service will ensure your WordPress website strictly adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act standards so that persons with disabilities can efficiently utilize your site.

We shall incorporate audio descriptions, video captions, and several navigation options to help impaired individuals better understand your site and what it offers. MyCity Social is committed to providing your clients with an all-inclusive experience.

Video Production 

Our skilled WordPress development team will create spectacular high-quality videos that deliver your brand’s message quickly and efficiently. We incorporate critical information in a digestible format that appeals to your target demographic.

With the help of our WordPress web design agency, you can showcase testimonials, achievements, and products inexpensively.

WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress allows you to choose a hosting provider for your website, allowing you control over your page speed.

Our WordPress web design agency hosts your website to protect your data from threats and cyber-attacks.


Ready for Your First-Ever WordPress Website?

MyCity Social can deliver what you need. We have the best WordPress website design service. Our skills, expertise, and creativity will get the job done and done well! Please book an appointment with us today to enjoy all we offer.

We come fully loaded with web design services, including the following:

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