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Passwords are a critical component of any person using the internet. However, they are especially important for those who run a company or business. Having someone hack into your accounts can not only ruin the work you’ve done but can put your customers at risk of having their information stolen as well. For this reason, your password has to be strong enough to evade hacking and enhance your cyber security. As an SEO company Miami, MyCity Social always recommends their clients to do the most they can to keep their accounts safe.


1 Use numbers in place of letters

You can take numbers or symbols to substitute letters in a particular word. For instance, you can use the numeral for the number five to substitute the letter S and in this way you can complicate the word a little further. In the same way that you use numbers, you can also substitute with symbols. For instance, you can substitute the letter A with the @ symbol.


2 Use numbers to form sentences

Numbers can also be used as a substitute for entire words. For example, you can use the numeral for the number four for the word “for.” Then you can form a sentence using the word “for” but replacing it with the number. An example of this is “Ask4me.” This can be especially helpful with shorter sentences, however, there is a different method for longer sentences.


3 Use letters and numbers to shorten phrases

For longer sentences, you can use letters and numbers to shorten the sentence. For instance, you can take the first letter of each word of a sentence and then create a password from those letters. One example of this is “cwmfc” which is “Charlie was my first cat.” Make sure to make the sentences personal to you so that you can remember them more easily. You can also use numbers where you can to substitute the letters as in the example “IL24NH” which is “I love to shop for new hats.”


4 Use detailed personal facts for enhanced cyber security

While most people gravitate toward easy things like the name of their first pet or their maiden name, more complicated, difficult to figure out facts will make it all that much harder for people to hack into your accounts. For instance, though it is easy for people to figure out the name of the city that you were born in, it is not easy for them to figure out the year and model of your first car or the year and location of your first family trip. These things are much more personal and have both numerical elements as well as actual letters.


5 Make a pattern using your keyboard

One of the most creative ways to come up with an easy-to-remember yet complicated password is by making a pattern using your keyboard. For instance, if you make a V in the center of your keyboard it creates the pattern “4rgbhu8.” Similarly, you can do this same pattern in all caps and create the pattern “$RGBHU*.”


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