Google search update in Orlando

Google is constantly updating and constantly searching for ways to enhance the user experience, especially in such a busy time as the holidays. Recently, there has been a Google search update to the mobile platform that changes the way that viewers see knowledge panels for products. This update is not just exciting for consumers but for businesses as well. To learn more about how this could help your business, contact MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO expert, for more information.

Mobile Google search update for the holidays


The new update to the Google search mobile platform is specifically tailored at assisting shoppers during this upcoming holiday season. It features a variety of additions to the knowledge panels for products. Thus, if a shopper were to search for a specific product—such as a laptop—pictures of the product would come up alongside a Google Shopping ad and other reviews from third party sources. It can also include videos of the product and an optional “Details” tab that goes more in depth with the product.

Depending on the particular product, the listing will feature more or less information. For instance, in some examples a product will have multiple pictures available but no Shopping ads to purchase directly on Google. However, sometimes products will have no “Details” tab but will have videos demonstrating the use of the product. The results of the reviews as well are pulled from the Google algorithm, so two tech products will not necessarily feature reviews from the same tech site on their knowledge panel.

The new additions are meant to help Google compete with Amazon for product searches in this upcoming season. With people turning to Amazon to do their holiday shopping, Google needed something to draw visitors back to the search engine. This Google search update makes it much easier for shoppers to receive all their information about a product in one location and it also makes it a prime-time for businesses.

How can this help your business?


A focus on displaying all aspects of the product buying process in one location means that it is a good time for businesses to perhaps invest in a Shopping ads campaign. By being accessible to consumers via the Shopping ads that come up when you search for a product, they have a higher chance of landing their business in front of more viewers.

It may also be time to ask your SEO expert how you can draw more people to your business through these product panels, whether it be through a video that could be featured or another method. Your SEO specialist will be able to guide you to utilizing this new Google addition to the benefit of your business. If you are in Orlando and searching for an Orlando SEO expert, contact MyCity Social to see how they can help you.


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The new update to the product panels on Google can be very beneficial to your business, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your Orlando SEO expert, MyCity Social. If you are in Tampa, Orlando, or Miami, they can provide you with more information about to get the most out of this update.


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