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When you use your Google business page, it is important that you know about all the features available to you so that you can enhance your business. The new features available to you are going to take your business page a step further, engaging customers in unique ways. If you are uncertain about how to utilize these new features or you want more information on how to manage the Google My Business page and all its features, contact MyCity Social, a business in Orlando offering internet marketing services. They can assist you in managing your Google business page to properly utilize all the new features and engage your customers more effectively.

Booking buttons

Google introduced booking buttons earlier this year. However, at that time the buttons were only available for certain businesses directly through Google and were not incorporated into the Google My Business console. With the updates, you may now access the booking mechanism through your Google My Business account. Google has partnered with a dozen or so providers for booking appointments so that when you enter through your Google My Business, all you need to do is select a provider that works with your business and sign up for appointments with them. The new system allows you to see how much you’ve made from the bookings in a comprehensive report.

There are still certain businesses that cannot utilize this new feature, but Google will be expanding this feature over time so stay tuned for when your business may be included.

Automated Google posts

Another exciting change is the update to the Google My Business API which added support for creating and editing Google Posts. Google Posts is a system which allows businesses to create content directly on Google. This content can then be ranked more highly when people type in a search for that business’s name.

This new update allows third-party developers and tool designers to automate the system for easier and more frequent posting. The system is currently only available for businesses with less than ten locations, but there is testing being done to include chains with more than ten locations.

Enhancing your Google my business page

These new additions can help you enhance your Google business page to be more comprehensive for consumers. By working with the updates, you can expand the things that are listed on your Google business page and show potential customers all that you have to offer.
If you are uncertain how to manage your Google My Business page or you want assistance in enhancing the page and utilizing the additions, an internet marketing company may be able to help you.

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Handling all these new updates to Google My Business can be overwhelming and confusing. However, these updates are significant additions to your business’s efficiency and success and it is important to know about them as they happen. An internet marketing agency can handle these changes for you and update your business page accordingly. For more information, contact MyCity Social in Orlando.


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