Facebook Updates in fort lauderdale

When it comes to Digital Marketing Orlando and Fort Lauderdale based company MyCity Social has been following Facebook updates as there have been quite a few updates in the past year or so. These aren’t those little annoying Windows updates that pop up on your PC all the time, which are just as important. These are updates that change ways that both individuals and businesses use Facebook. We will delve into certain updates you should be aware of.

Shutting Down Apps

Back in May, Facebook announced that they were going to shut down apps if the apps didn’t go through their review process. The deadline was in the beginning of August. Facebook was making sure no one was using data to violate their terms of service.

Facebook Updates Discrimination Policy

Facebook has always had a non-discrimination policy but in recent months they have amped this up by deleting more than 5000 accounts who Facebook feels there was discrimination. Let’s say you rent your house out on Airbnb. You put an ad on Facebook that says only couples can rent. You are now discriminating against both single men and women who may want to rent your house. What we believe was happening is that certain businesses were targeting to specific ethnic groups and Facebook noticed it.

Mobile Makeover

It’s true. Facebook is soon going to give you a mobile makeover. Whether you use Facebook for personal or business use, this update is going to make it easier by creating shortcuts to what you use most, making things easier for you on the go.

Watch Party

If you own a business or you are an internet marketer, you will love this recently added update. On July 25, 2018 Facebook launched Watch Party, where a group of people can watch a video in real time and discuss what is happening. This could be a great platform for Q and A sessions. Our services for digital marketing Orlando locals trust can help you host a watch party. Imagine the amount of customers you can gain even just by asking to share your watch party.

Facebook Stories Ads

Everybody likes stories. Telling a story sells. Oftentimes you will see or hear a story on many money making sites where it´s a rags to riches story in an attempt to sell something saying they were once just like you. As a business, telling interesting and true stories will help you connect and engage more with your audience. Updates like this are personal and create attention.

There are a few other Facebook updates that help with video and even a new try before you buy gaming app. So how can a digital marketing Orlando company help you with these updates? Every time Facebook decides to update an app, we know about it and are ready to make adjustments as needed to help your business understand the pros and cons from each update. Don´t forget, Facebook owns other social media such as Instagram and Whatsapp, which helps your business grow worldwide. Let our marketing staff in Fort Lauderdale & Orlando help you. Contact us right now.


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