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Facebook? Have you heard of this multi-billion dollar most popular social media site? There are over ONE BILLION users on Facebook, which means it´s a fantastic platform for businesses. If you are looking to expand your business and your audience, you must use Facebook. We are an ads agency specializing in advertising via Facebook helping many businesses through Social Media Marketing Florida clients can trust. Trying to figure out social media strategies on your own can be a very overwhelming and time-consuming task. This is why your business needs to get visible with help from a Facebook ads agency such as MyCity Social in Miami.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

You may have heard of Google ads where they are Pay Per Click. PPC can be good or bad depending on the platform. Like Google, when someone searches for something inside Facebook, this person will see ads that pop up on his news feed. If he clicks on the ad, you as a business will pay a fee. Why would you do this?

For example, if you are a travel company and a guy is searching for plane tickets to Florida. He will see ads popping up in his news feed from travel sites suggesting him to buy. If he clicks on the ad, you pay a small fee. If he clicks, though, he is interested and is a better prospect as a customer than if you throw up random ads anywhere. The great thing about Facebook is that these PPC options are very low compared to Google and other social media, plus you can choose how much to pay daily.


A Facebook agency such as MyCity Social knows what works. However, it depends on your objectives. Do you want traffic to your website? Do you want brand awareness? Do you want conversions for your sales? Our Social Media Marketing Florida experts know how to make creative ads to target your audience which will help you receive better conversion rates. We also know other programs that work with Facebook so we can help achieve your goals.


You can make your own or have a good agency help you create a professional video. People watch and share videos all the time. Making an interesting and professional video will target a huge audience and if the audience shares the video, your audience continues to grow. Just like ads, videos will also pop up in your audiences’ newsfeed.


Researching alone trying to generate leads is extremely difficult and unbelievably time consuming. Using our social media marketing Florida experts will help your business generate leads, which will save you both time and money. There are hundreds of ways to generate leads through Facebook and we have the know-how.


The majority of businesses use trial and error. A Facebook ads agency has already done this for you and with an excellent company specializing in Facebook ads, you will receive a better ROI. Let’s get visible, visible…in Miami, Florida right now. We have achieved superior results for our clients. Call us right now to see what we can do for you or contact us at admin@mycitysocial.com.


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