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Mostly everyone who has access to the internet has an email account. Among one of the most popular email services used is Gmail as it is used by 1.2 billion people. Whether you use email for work or personal reasons, millions of Americans rely on email as a form of communication. It is especially vital to have an email account if you run a business. MyCity Social can vouch for the vitality of email. Just like with anything else, there are secrets and features that you probably didn’t know existed in Gmail. Our digital marketing company in Orlando discusses some Gmail features you may not be familiar with.

5 Things To Know About Gmail

Unless you are doing constant research on your email search engine, you will most likely miss out on some cool features that can benefit you when using Gmail. Some of these Gmail features that you may not know about are:

  • Have an infinite number of alternative Email addresses- If you add a dot or a + and change capitalization, you can configure one Gmail account into many addresses. This is useful if you are looking to pre-filter messages.
  • Gmail themes- Rather than opening your Email and seeing the same boring background every day, spice things up with Gmail themes. Some themes even change during the day and they are so much fun!
  • Use Gmail for driving directions- If someone sends you an invitation with an address, Google will automatically detect the addresses in messages and create a link to the right of your message asking if you would like to map it. From there, you click yes and it brings you to maps.
  • Use Gmail offline on Chrome- Gmail can be used offline on Chrome with the Offline Gmail Google Chrome app. If you send a message offline, your message will be sent when you reconnect.
  • Send and receive video hangouts- Gmail is integrated with Google Hangouts and will let you send instant messages with your contacts. You also have access to voice and video Hangout calls.

Why Do I Need To Brand My Email Account?

Here are a few reasons our digital marketing company in Orlando suggests you have branding on your email:

  • Give the right first impression- A branded email will show people that you are established and professional. A generic email is impersonal and lacks experience.
  • Build credibility- There are a lot of scammers out there and people may not feel comfortable emailing information to a random email account. Your branded email address will provide a sense of security and reassurance to customers that your business is legit.
  • Promote brand awareness- When you send out an Email on a branded address, you are promoting your business. It is a cost effective way to market your company without spending tons of money.

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