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Social media streams have changed the way we think and what we do forever. Whether you realize it or not, social media is one of our biggest influencers. People are always online and even the simplest scroll through Facebook can leave you hooked. For example, watching quick videos on food is very popular. If you do this frequently or even use the recipes from the videos, then you are being influenced by social media. You may never even recognize how much of an impact Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest has on your life, but if you have an online presence, you are most likely visiting some, if not all, of these sites on a daily basis. Media streams are always changing and becoming more efficient and our Miami social media marketing strategist at MyCity Social talks about the Pinterest marketing agency.

What Are Promoted Videos?

There are always changes being implemented digitally to make life easier for consumers. One of the main functions of social media and search engines is to make things so simple that it only takes 5 seconds to find what you are looking for. People do not have time to sit and do research when they are seeking something quickly. Consumers want large amounts of information in concise formatting and within seconds of a search. Luckily, we are becoming even more digitized which means more metrics are being watched, and they are being looked at more carefully in order to obtain the most optimization for data. Over 150 million people globally use Pinterest every month to discover new ideas. A great way to bring these ideas to life is to provide video content. We are coming out of the age of reading content and easing our way into visual content. Think about how popular newspapers used to be. Where are they now? Everyone uses the internet to find information and people would rather watch a colorful video and listen to information instead of reading black and white on a website or in a paper. In the last year alone, video content on Pinterest has increased 60% featuring videos from workout routines to home improvement projects and even hair tutorials.

How Do They Benefit Consumers And Businesses?

The Pinterest marketing agency has come up with the brilliant idea to add video content, but how does this benefit the consumers as well as businesses? Our Miami social media marketing strategist says video content will benefit consumers because they can watch information instead of having to focus on reading it. Having visual content will also keep the attention of consumers which will provide benefits to companies because people are actually intrigued by what they are watching and this will allow them to absorb more information. The more information that a consumer absorbs, the more they will know about a certain product or service which will help them determine whether or not to purchase it.

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