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Technology grows exponentially in a fast-paced snowball of updates and changes. Every single day, something changes in technology and data science, and because our businesses rely so much on the various aspects of digital marketing, every change in this field can impact your online presence and ultimately your business. Search Engine Optimization is largely dependent on analyzing various search engine algorithms, and a google algorithm update affects how keywords and traffic are redirected to your site. Your SEO strategy will have to catch up and readjust. Read on to learn more about changes that have been happening regarding google algorithms, how they can affect your digital marketing strategy, and how an SEO company like MyCity Social can help you deal with the changes. To grow your business, optimize your web traffic, and create a long-term digital marketing strategy, call MyCity Social today for SEO services Orlando business owners love.

What’s Changed

In August, Google’s Danny Sullivan tweeted that a brand new Google broad core algorithm update has come out. What exactly has Google changed, how will it impact your web traffic, and how will we deal with it? Well, Google’s official statement basically said that there was a major algorithm update that occured, and that the change is supposed to improve upon how Google matches relevate results to whatever search queries you put in. Some sites lost rankings, but they noted that this was not due to quality. In March, Google said that “There’s no ‘fix’ for pages that may perform less well.”

How To Deal With The Google Algorithm Update

So what should business owners and SEO companies looking to drive web traffic do? Firstly, it’s important to take a deep breath, don’t panic, and just wait it out. Pretty much every Google major update has been followed with a correction, or what they call a “refresh.” Basically, these updates tend to have either false positives or were overly broad. Google then “refreshes,” or improves, the algorithm in order to cut down on the amount of false positives they generate. Yes, Google’s team does extensive quality control before rolling out such a major update- but there are still a lot of glitches and unintended results. What you should be, and what we at MyCity Social are doing, is a series of steps to make sure everything runs smoothly and the most traffic is generated. MyCity Social can help you deal with such algorithm shifts by providing SEO services Orlando business owners can rely on. We start by studying a bad search results and try to understand why an irrelevant web page is at the top. If one of our clients has a site that has dropped in rankings, we advise simply being patient. The search results may change, and so may the algorithm as they work out kinks. We will also study the top performers and analyze reasons why users are gravitating towards their sites, providing insight regarding how the algorithm has changed.

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