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In today’s world where technology grows exponentially, many have thought that email marketing would be phased out. But that day has yet to come. Although many have continued to predict that email marketing will eventually be phased out, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways of reaching prospective clients and customers. Of course, there is always plenty of room for growth with any type of marketing, so here are 10 ways to increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns. These are especially geared towards small and midsized businesses, and can have a dramatic effect on the success of your email marketing efforts. MyCity Social is a top Orlando marketing agency specializing in SEO and digital marketing. Call us today to help expand your business brand!


Optimizing Your Email Marketing Strategy


Firstly, you should segment your email lists. Different subscribers are interested in different types of emails, so it’s important to understand who you are sending these emails to in order to pinpoint certain groups and encourage a higher rate of click-throughs and lower unsubscribes. Secondly, you should ensure that your emails fit a mobile phone. Litmus and BlueHornet have found that 71 percent of people will delete an email right away if it doesn’t show up properly on their mobile device. To avoid an automatic trash toss, you need to create mobile friendly email content that is also eye-catching and engaging on a smartphone. Thirdly, you can also consider text-only emails, or avoiding image-based emails. Research has found that a minimalist text-based email with links to the content or product can be the most effective, since there is less risk of broken images due to various tech filters. Having your email come from a real person like those at MyCity Social as opposed to an automatic “noreply” is helpful, since sixty-four percent of subscribers will open an email based on the person it was sent from. A firm like MyCity Social is able to manage this content and respond to consumers.


MyCity Social is a Top Orlando Marketing Agency Who Can Run Your Email Campaigns


One of the most important facets of an email is the subject line. You only have one shot to grab the reader’s attention, so it should be short and to the point. This is even more effective if you have a segmented mailing list to pinpoint specific purchasing habits so that you can tailor the subject lines. You or your marketing agency should personalize your email, since this can encourage contact to open the emails and then interact with the content in the email. Then, have a clear call to action so that your potential clients know what the next step is. The reader needs to be able to determine what to do in 5 seconds of reading your email in order to truly engage. Moreover, most recipiente will look at your email through a preview pane, so key info and calls to action should be visible even when images are blocked. Through optimizing your pre-header text, you can improve response rates, since it supports your subject line and give the reader another reason to click through the email. Lastly, it’s important to be succinct so that readers will want to read or learn more in order to avoid mindless scrolling and getting your content across.


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Email campaign is an important aspect of digital marketing, and Orlando marketing agency MyCity Social can assist in crafting and managing optimal email campaigns. Call us today to expand your company brand!


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