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Today, where you are in terms of Google ranking deeply impacts your branding, advertising, and visibility. To maximize your business potential and bring in the most customers and clients, it’s essential to have a catchy website and SEO content. Website optimization brings your company’s name to the forefront of search engines, and it’s important to keep up with the latest SEO developments in order to stay ahead of the curve. MyCity Social is one of the top SEO companies servicing the Miami area with a track record of helping businesses expand with consistent content and a team that assists with creating a long-term SEO strategy while expanding your brand. Call us today and get started with SEO services Miami business owners rely on.


Why It’s Important


So what is website optimization and why is it important? Website optimization can be defined as the process of utilizing controlled experimentation through a series of steps to maximize a website’s ability to bring in business. In order to bring in the maximum amount of visitors to your website, an SEO company like MyCity Social will experiment with variations on pages of your site to find out exactly what draws the most conversions. This process follows similar principles used in conversation rate optimization of testing various hypothesis. First, we figure out the goal of your website optimization, since different business types have different objectives to optimize for. For example, if you are an eCommerce site, you would want to increase overall purchases and research the key pages of the website that help you sell things. The homepage of a website tends to be a great starting point for A/B tests, since most traffic lands there and works its way outwards to the other pages. It’s important to have a well-built homepage in order to let customers know what exactly you’re selling and so they can navigate towards the next step.


When optimizing your website, MyCity Social provides some of the best SEO services Miami offers. We will come up with the best ideas on how to reach the objective of your website, identify the top-level goal to improve upon, and also the under-performing points on a web page so that we can test them to improve conversion rates.


Website Optimization Improves Profits


We run experiments to pinpoint exactly where you can improve your traffic and what you can do with your existing pages. Our experiments will gather data to make statistically significant conclusions, and then we will measure the results and iterate. Our results will tell you whether or not the changes to the website element produced an improvement, and the winning variation will become the new baseline, then tested iteratively as our analysts come up with new ideas. Even losing tests are still valuable learning opportunity, as they provide information on what direction to head towards in the optimization process.


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Website optimization is key for SEO. In today’s market, you can’t afford not to bring maximum traffic to your website in order to bring in clients. Call MyCity Social today for SEO services Miami businesses depend on.


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