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Nothing is more important for a business’s online presence than a Google business review. One good review could be enough to get a business to rise higher in ranking, but one bad review can be enough to sink a business. Reviews can impact businesses in a variety of ways and it is important to understand the significance of reviews so that you can prepare your business to deal with reviews. An internet marketing company can assist you with reviews. If you are in the Miami area, contact MyCity Social for more information on reviews and how they can help you and your business.

How a Google business review impacts your business


Reviews are unbiased user generated content. This means that they are critical in helping businesses rank higher in search results. Reviews are used in helping Google’s algorithm deem which businesses are worthy of ranking higher and they help them confirm the location so that they can improve the accuracy of the Google listing. What this means is that a huge part of how your business appears to consumers depends on the reviews that you receive. In fact, consumers often say that they trust reviews that they read online as much as in-person testimonials.

Google draws its information from a variety of sources. Part of it is from third party sources like Facebook and Yelp and then part of it is taken from the actual business owner themselves by way of the Google My Business information provided. However, reviews have the power to override the information provided from these other sources. For instance, if a trusted reviewer says that your business is closed on a particular day, then Google may update your business information to reflect this. In other words, reviews work like a system of checks for the businesses they review.

How to optimize your business’s visibility


This may lead some businesses to believe that they have to go the extra mile to create fake positive reviews or to try to control bad reviews but those methods can be damaging. Not only is it technically illegal, but Google can punish those who use fake positive reviews to rise through the rankings. Additionally, trying to incentivize for a Google business review is also punishable.

However, there are ways to work with an unsatisfied customer to possibly get a bad review removed. Of course, there are also ways to encourage your customers to leave you a review that don’t require any incentives.

Ultimately when it comes to internet marketing, it comes down to establishing your reputation online so that your customers feel naturally inclined to leave you reviews and building that base so that you may receive more reviews.


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Reviews are important for your business’s online presence and visibility, but you don’t have to handle them alone. For more information on how your business can optimize for reviews, contact MyCity Social. They have locations in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami and they can provide you with information about their services and how they can assist you with Google business reviews. Trust our internet marketing to help your business!


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