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Google Shopping ad campaigns are even more important now that the holidays are approaching and it is important for businesses to optimize their listings on Google to cater all of these busy shoppers. If you would like more information on Google Shopping ads and how you can optimize them for consumers, contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO services Tampa.

1) Communicate

Nothing that you do for your Shopping ads campaign is going to matter if you have the wrong information on your page. That is why it is critical for you to stay in constant communication with your digital marketer and your SEO specialist so that they know of any changes that you choose to make and anything else that needs to be added.

2) Focus on product data

It is easy for people to fall into the traditional paid search ad mentality when handling their Shopping ads but your focus should not be on keywords the way it would be for a traditional ad. Rather, the focus should be on the product data itself. Trying to replicate the traditional type of ad with keywords in your product listing could actually be more work for you and not give you the results you desire.

3) Don’t leave any products out

Some businesses will choose to leave out certain products from their submission to Merchant Center because they believe those items will not be profitable but more the more listings you have, the more likely you are to get in front of consumers.

4) Get query-level bidding with Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding is the only way to set bidding at the query level, which you gives you the most precise data product-by-product. Utilizing this, you can assure that each of your products is optimized in Shopping ads.

5) Showcase Google Shopping ads help

Showcase Google Shopping ads are more likely to show up when people search general terms—such as “backpack” for instance—and therefore work in two ways: one, they allow you to display your brand to potential consumers and two, they give you a chance to get in front of these very same consumers early into their shopping journey.

6) Don’t only focus on last-click attribution

Shopping ads can help you take advantage of your data on AdWords beyond simply the last click. With this, you can see which clicks make a difference toward conversions.

7) Take advantage of local inventory ads

If you have a physical location and want to display the products that you have in stock, you can utilize local inventory ads. These make consumers more likely to shop in store once having seen your stock first online.

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In the hands of the adept business owner, a Google Shopping ad can mean a huge boom in business. If you are in the Tampa, Orlando, or Miami area, contact SEO services Tampa specialist, MyCity Social. They are the SEO services Tampa, Orlando, and Miami trust.


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