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For seven years, the iconic video sharing social media platform known as Instagram has been providing and delighting its users with a wide variety of proprietary features that are designed to help users connect with people around the planet. One of the most useful of these Instagram features is known as the hashtag sticker. This specialized feature has the ability to make it easier than ever to connect with others who post similar content. In addition to that, hashtag stickers can be a boon to businesses that are looking to quickly raise their profiles with their target demographics.


That being said, there will doubtless be many readers who know very little about the hashtag sticker feature. This article will help to educate such prospective or active Instagram users about this feature, how to use it, and what some of its major benefits are.


So, Just What are Instagram Stickers?


While Instagram includes the hashtag feature in its filter options, hashtags aren’t unique to Instagram and have been in use for some time. Hashtags stickers are basically an easy way for members of social media platforms like Instagram to find media that falls under similar topics. An example of this would be an Instagram search for #HouseofCards. Such a search would quickly and easily generate a large number of postings about the popular show House of Card, including images or text.


How Easy is it to Use Hashtag Stickers?


One of the most popular features of Instagram is its relative ease of use, and this ease of use extends to creating hashtag stickers. In order to create your very own unique hashtag sticker, simply follow these directions. These directions assume that you already have an active Instagram account.


  1. Either create or upload the video or image that you would like to share.


  1. Select the add a filter function, after which you should type the # symbol immediately followed by the text-or emoji-of your choice under the Caption field.


Once these steps have been taken, you should click the hashtag you’ve created to see any pages that have similar content.


What are Some of the Major Benefits of Instagram Stickers?


Creating Sales OpportunitiesIdentify Trends

  • Creating Sales Opportunities. Instagram is well-known for allowing its users to create videos and images that are of potentially very high quality. Hashtag stickers allow you to use these high-quality videos to connect you with potential customers for products that you may have for sale. For example, if you sell vitamin fruit chews, you could search for #fruitchews or related tags such as #healthysnacks. Once you find pages that fit the bill, you can easily begin to create posts that will catch the attention of people who visit these pages and thus begin reaching out to potential customers.
  • Identify Trends. Instagram now has literally hundreds of millions of active users, and many of these users are willing to take a look at products that interest them. By identifying popular posters, you can quickly get a good idea of what may be selling at any given moment.


As you can see, the Instagram stickers feature can provide you with many unique benefits. The Orlando, Florida area is a dynamic region that can provide hard working people like you with a host of digital marketing Orlando business possibilities, and MyCity Social stands ready to help you along at every stage of the process.

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