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If you are a business owner, blogging is a popular and effective medium in which to not only share about your company online but to build brand awareness and an identity. As a Search Engine Optimization Specialist in Orlando, FL, I am always writing posts for my clients to help them obtain traffic to their website while offering meaningful and useful information to visitors. All too often, I see where busy business owners or their assistants are not writing powerful blog topics that convey a message or fail to help the public. For this reason, I wanted to focus today’s topic around what it means to write effective blogs and how to achieve this goal.


How To Write Powerful Blog Topics


Focus On Your Goal


Before writing anything, it is important to think about what the goal of your blogs will be. Here are just 5 of the most popular post goals:


  1. Attract a Niche Audience: Writing for everyone is not recommended. You want to
  2. Rank Well In the Search Engines: The idea is to have your blog found and read online. Without the application of SEO from an expert, your blog will simply sink into the abyss online (unless you are a popular brand).
  3. Provoke Your Audience To Take Action: Some blogs are educational, some are thought provoking, others are created to make it easy for readers to click a button, fill a form, download something or simply take action.
  4. Inspire or Gain Loyalty from Readers: Show your natural charismatic charm online, and make your posts all about being a leader in your industry and a role model.
  5. Prompt a conversation: Some blogs are all about asking thoughtful questions or touch upon controversial subjects that create a dialogue with your audience.


Ask Your Audience


In order to cater to your market, you need to do a little research to find out what they would truly benefit from. A few simple ways to achieve this is by conducting surveys, conducting interviews, have informal conversations at an industry event or social settings and finally, have an SEO Specialist conduct keyword research.

Once the data has been collected it is now the perfect moment to begin formulating your topics. We want them to stick to your goal and highlight what makes you different in each.


How To Come Up With Strong Topics


  1. Using your data, come up with blogs that answer a question or need that you found to be true in the research.


  1. Create a Relatable Topic. One that shares an experience most people could sympathize or relate to. People love reading about others who have been in situations similar to theirs!


  1. Provide unique topics. Write about a topic that the data showed to be a need, and go very in-depth by providing unique interview with an industry or niche leader, offer an insider scoop on a topic, or be the first to share breaking news or insight into an industry-first service or product!


There are many other methods in creating compelling topics, but hopefully this blog gave you a great primer in how to formulate your blogs so that they make a commotion online rather than taking up space on the web.


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