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Developing and building a powerful online brand is an extremely important part of having a business these days, and most firms recognize this fact. But building an online brand is not a concept that only applies to business firms- nowadays, an ever-increasing amount of professionals are also starting to realize the various advantages that come with building a personal brand. A personal online brand as well as a company brand is a crucial component to the equation when in the process of searching for a new client, getting a conference speaking pitch approved, or being asked for expert opinions from various media outlets. A crucial element of recruiting for many companies is now starting to incorporate online reputation management. When different firms are starting to investigate a person to make sure that they are the right fit for the particular job that they may be looking at, the first place that most recruiters will end up going on is Google. Read on to learn more about the importance of SEO when it comes to building your personal brand, as well as the various ins and outs of how to build your brand through Search Engine Optimization. MyCity Social provides SEO Services Fort Lauderdale business owners rely on. Call MyCity Social today for SEO services to grow your brand today!

SEO and Your Brand

There are many people in today’s world who are starting to recognize the important role that a personal online band plays when it comes to winning a new client, from getting a conference speaking pitch approved to asking for expert opinions from the media. As online reputation management is starting to become an ever-more important factor in the recruiting process, SEO is becoming ever-more important to build the personal brand you want and to grow the chances of you being hired by the company that you want to, or to continue to build the business that you need to. The process remains fairly straightforward, as does the reasoning. When a company or recruitment agency is in the process of investigating a person, the first place that the majority of them will go to is Google. For the person who is being investigated, rather than having a results page full of information regarding their unrelated namesakes, or the neutral (or even worse, negative) listings about themselves, then why shouldn’t they try to portray themselves in a positive light?

The question for professionals trying to play things on their own terms then becomes: How do you play things on your own terms? Well, luckily, while it may be much simpler for various companies to be looking up your name, it is also much more straightforward and beneficial these days for a professional to influence Google search results for your own name, although the task will be far more difficult for some than others. After all, if you are an SEO keyword who is named “Barack Obama,” then it may be highly recommended to change your name or at least the keywords surrounding your name! The majority of individual professionals will desire a certain set of specific types of results when it comes to searches, from professional to a simple vanity Google search. It is clearly ideal for any professional or company to be able to take control of as many of their top ten listings as they are able to, and ideally they should want this to be made up of as many company profile pages, media mentions, and more of this sort as possible. There are many examples of how you can utilize social media to your best advantage to make sure that you and your brand is able to rank as highly as possible on Google for your “personal brand.”

How To Build Your Brand With SEO

There are many advantages to building your personal brand through the usage of SEO, and though what we will discuss is not even close to a comprehensive list, there are many suggestions that you can take.

Blogging: Firstly, one way that SEO can possibly assist your personal brand as well as any business in terms of building a brand is through blogging. Blogging can be a fantastic way to build a strong reputation within an industry. If hundred or possibly even thousands of people are subscribing to your various social media stations and to ingest your content and expert opinions, then this is certainly something that you want the people who are looking up your possible SEO keywords to end up finding when they come looking for you on the internet. The majority of blogs are likely to be hosted on either a company or personal domain, and the natural links that blogging ends up generating should be able to assist in making sure that this has a solid reputation when looking through different search engines. When you are blogging, it is important for the person who is looking to increase their search engine ranking and strengthen their general online brand to build an author profile page that is linked to and from each of your different blog posts in order to continue to build the strength and relevancy of your profile page in order to increase search rankings for queries on your name. This ranking also means that users who are clicking through their blog will end up discovering a landing page that is useful to them and is able to display an overview of the latest posts and articles that they have posted on their blog.
Guest Blogging: If the person who is trying to build their personal brand is working very hard on their blog, and continuing to provide it with fresh and useful content, then they should normally be able to expect to end up ranking in at least two of the top ten listings in Google’s search engine- but only in the best case scenario. However, the good news in this particular situation remains that the majority of people who put in the effort may be able to be provided with opportunities to guest blog at similar related websites. It’s important to keep all of the possible opportunities open and to thoroughly go through the various advantages and disadvantages that a blogger needs to consider when being invited to guest blog, but the vast majority of the time the guest blogger in question will end up with more benefits to go through with it than not. In the vast majority of cases, the guest blogger, through choosing to guest blog on another site, will end up being able to reach a larger audience of potential readers and possibly enhancing their online reputation through the addition of yet another valuable source of content into their listings for a Google vanity search. Through the offer of writing guest posts for some of the top blogs which they admire within their industry but also by making themselves available and open for interviews of blogger profiles, bloggers can take maximum advantage of such opportunities.
Twitter: Twitter, much like blogging (which we just described in detail above), is an excellent method of building a strong online reputation within an industry. If you are able to create a following of relevant users through providing valuable tweets, then you will probably end up finding out that your profile page is going to be highly ranked within the search engines such as Google as well. Moreover, if potential clients and customers are searching for more information about you, then a Twitter profile containing expect advice and related conversations will end up building up your reputation within the eyes of the person who is searching for these SEO terms or simply for your name. Keep in mind that by building a trusted profile and adding value to online conversations, you are interacting within the community and continuing to build onto your brand. While this process may require quite a large amount of effort, it is very simple for most people who stumble upon your profile to distinguish between a disinterested user and one who has a well-connected profile. A well-connected profile can end up proving to be a very powerful networking tool, and it can end up being a good landing page for users visiting the page via the power of search engines such as Google.
Business Social Media Networking: There are many people who maintain profiles on business networking websites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo. These are very good websites that allow the highlighting of a professional profile that contains your career history to users that are browsing through such websites, and allow these browsers to be aware straight away about the basics of your professional career, from the company that you are currently employed at to the people who are looking to contact or reconnect with you. Since LinkedIn profiles are reasonably simple to optimize, you should make full use of the editable URL’s in order to create a profile that has a large amount of it visible to the public. A profile on such sites that is public visible will be able to be cached by search engines. Whenever possible, professionals should try their best to promote their business profiles through linking them directly from sites where this is relevant.
Online Presentations: If a professional has had the opportunity to present and speak at a conference, seminar, or workshop, then they should upload their presentation to SlideShare and Scribd so that they are able to let various potential clients and customers view and download their presentations. Moreover, not only will this be helpful to the internet in general, it provides another extra chance to be able for professionals to be able to optimize for their name and brand through search engines and illustrate to potential browsers of your SEO keywords that you are a highly respected speaker. Professionals who choose to do so are able to optimize their profile even further through the process of editing their details and strengthening the number of internal links to their profile page through connecting with relevant users.
Online Video: Just like online presentations, if a professional who is looking to build their brand has any video recordings of conference or seminar speaking events, then they should upload the ones that they find appropriate to online video sites such as Youtube and Vimeo. Top digital marketing firm MyCity Social, who provides SEO services Fort Lauderdale business owners rely on, notes that professionals are able to optimize their profiles through this format, since if somebody is searching for more information about you and able to discover an online video presentation, then it can all go quite a long way towards enhancing your reputation to the searcher.

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