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Knowing your target audience is an essential component of creating an SEO strategy. Being able to define your target demographic is the very first step towards developing search engine optimized web content for your business. Being able to identify the ideal gender and age range of the potential clients and customers that your products and services may be the best suited for is an essential part of creating an SEO strategy that works best for your needs. For every business who is looking to improve their SEO efforts, there is always going to come a point where they need to concentrate less on whatever is trending in the marketing world and more on the basics of SEO- getting their content to be relevant to and consumed by their target audience. Of course, it’s still very important to keep up to date on the going-ons of the internet world, and read articles such as this one and others by MyCity Social! But, it’s important to be focused on the ultimate goal of SEO, and there is a lot of value in understanding what content is important within different types of demographics and spaces, and to not be too broad about the way that you do things. This is so that you are able to most efficiently optimize your content and reach your target demographic faster so that you can see more results in a shorter amount of time. So how exactly do you find your target audience? Top SEO and digital marketing company MyCity Social is here to provide some tips on how to find your target audience that you should concentrate your SEO and marketing efforts on. Call MyCity Social today for SEO Tampa business owners rely on! 

Identifying Your Target Audience

There are certain steps that a business can take in order to identify their target SEO audience and streamline their digital marketing efforts. Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list- just some tips that you can take into account to freshen up your SEO content. Read on for more!

  1. Identify Your Selling Points- Figure out exactly what makes your brand stand out and find out what makes your business special. What is it exactly that you offer to customers? What is the reason that somebody would come to your business specifically for the products or services that you offer? Identifying what your key selling points is the first step towards identifying your audience, and it’s essential for a brand to recognize what exactly makes them unique and stand out from their competitors in order to continue to understand what kinds of people are choosing you over your competitors and may be your target consumer audience. 
  2. Take a Look At Your Existing Audience- In order to move forward with your target demographic group, you will need to take a good look at your current audience and analyze how you appeal to them. Take a gander at your current consumers and figure out the specifics of who they are, what they like, and how they make purchasing decisions. You can start to analyze your current consumer audience with these tips:
    1. Collect emails from purchases and send out some follow-up surveys
    2. Make an investment in some software such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software
    3. Ask your consumers for demographic information at the point of purchase in order to collect data
  3. Ask What Things Look Like From The Outside- Unfortunately, we often end up having a blind spot when it comes to taking an honest look at our own company and what our audience expects. Sometimes companies can all become so tangled in their own internal jargon and processes that they have a difficult time stepping back and truly analyzing the situation from the perspective of an outsider. Go and ask for help from someone outside the company, such as third party vendors, friends and family, or a random sample of people to provide insight on your company, services, and practices. This doesn’t mean to take every bit of advice offered, and make sure to take the information you get with a grain of salt. However, feedback from people who have an outside perspective can really help to get your wheels turning!
  4. Create an Audience Profile- The next step towards targeting your consumer audience is to make an audience profile for all of your audience members. You can be creative and have a bit of fun with this portion! Come up with some names for each of your key audience members and write down their attributes, goals, and what they may be looking at when browsing through search engines. These profiles will be quite useful when you incorporate new people to the marketing team and need to find an effective way to introduce them to the goals of your company!

How to Identify Your Target Audience and Make It Effective

The reason that your company utilizes SEO is to make sure that your potential clients and customers can be connected with your products and services if they need them. This is why it’s important to produce consistent, relevant content that can help your website rank higher and ultimately lead to more business for you. One crucial part of finding your target SEO demographic is finding the right mediums on which you should be concentrating your content. Try mixing up the types of content that you both consume and produce, and you may be quite amazed at the results. By learning more about the types of consumers that may be using your product, you will be able to better target your SEO audience. For example, you can save time on listening to a lot of marketing podcasts for a month, and instead focus on listening to the podcasts that your target audience may be listening to. Rather than going to an SEO conference this year, you can try and hit up an industry conference that the people in your target audience may be interested in attending, so that you may learn more about your target demographic on the industry side. Take a look at your top five non-brand SEO terms, throw  them into Amazon book search, and then skim through some of the books that the people who are in your target audience group may be reading. While it can take many years and a lot of experimentation to truly understand all of the nuances, POVs, influencers, and subject matter of segments within industries, it never hurts to start now, and even just a little experimentation can end up going quite a long way.

A couple of simple tweaks in your SEO strategy by identifying more with your target audience can produce more efficient results than your current options. A lack of flexibility is one of the reasons that some self-built in-house SEO teams may struggle to serve a business, as they don’t have the amount of expertise that more experienced agencies such as MyCity Social ends up accumulating in their years of work with small business owners. Your average SEO strategist may not be able to provide you with the sort of deep understanding that comes only following many years of participating in an industry. Once a marketer is able to master how SEO works, their next step should be diving deep into the subject matter around which they are marketing. This is why your best option may be to go with a more experienced SEO agency such as MyCity Social, who has worked with many small businesses to help them identify and focus on their target audience and provides SEO Tampa business owners trust.

Using The Content Your Target Audience Consumes

There are many ways that you can choose to understand the content your target audience consumes. For example, in the books that your target audience reads, every chapter can be a potential blog topic. When you listen to the podcasts they listen to, every episode title can be a great source of inspiration. There are many ways that once you have identified your target audience, you can then use the content that they are consuming for SEO purposes. One such way is through conference sessions and tracks. Figure out the top two or three conferences that your target audience may attend. Look at the topics that they are interested in, and you can riff off of the subject matter that they seem to want to learn more about in order to produce content that is relevant to this demographic. Of course, you shouldn’t plagiarize, but having a grasp on the potential topics that your target demographic is interested in never hurts! Pretty much every session title at a conference that your target demographic is at can be the inspiration for a blog post or two, and you can always credit your inspiration!

Another way to produce fresh content that is relevant to the demographic that you are targeting with your SEO efforts is through the podcasts that they listen to. Just like conference sessions, podcasts that your target audience may enjoy listening to are also a great source of knowledge about their interests. Make sure to jot down keywords and blog topic ideas while you browse through, and these titles and notes can provide great inspiration for future posts. Often, you can get some great topics for blogs jut through the blog titles. Again, it’s important to not plagiarize, but simply to consume the content, learn more about it, and come up with your own take on the subject. You’re only going through this content to come up with some topics. Similarly, doing a book search on Amazon can be a great way to come up with some new topics that may be interesting to your target demographic. Books still rule among influencers and thought leaders, even in today’s digital age. Whatever books that your target audience reads should be books that you as a business consume as well in order to find relevant topics for content creation. Moreover, many authors will promote their particular ideas through the form of words and phrases, and you can take advantage of this through creating web content that attracts the audience that these authors have primed for you. There are many topical themes to be discovered in these books that will appeal to your potential clients and customers! Of course, you shouldn’t forget about using proprietary survey data, which is a traditional standby for attracting an audience, links, and publicity. Moreover, you don’t have to be the person who produces this data to take advantage of the benefits. You just have to browse through the annual surveys in the demographic that you are concentrating on, and then create your own original content based on the data from the survey. Again, make sure to reference the original reference, but you can utilize their data to produce great fresh SEO content for your target audience. 

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