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When it comes to online marketing, there is a ton of information to know. Luckily, at MyCity Social in Orlando, we have a team of marketing experts that are dedicated to making your business a success. Everyone that is part of the team has a certain skill set that drives businesses to succeed. With everyone working together in one office, bouncing ideas off of each other and helping one another with different tasks, puts you at an advantage if you use our services. Our Orlando SEO expert explains why you need an SSL Certificate and what the difference is between http vs https.

What Is An SSL Certificate?

Before you purchase anything for marketing purposes, make sure you know what it is. Although MyCity Social will never steer you wrong, you should still have a basic understanding of all aspects involved in digital marketing. Just like you wouldn’t sign a contract unless you understand all of its content, you shouldn’t purchase any marketing tools until you know what they are and how they will benefit your business. An SSL Certificate is a small data file that digitally binds a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. It will activate a padlock and the https protocol when installed on a web server. This allows for secure connections from a web server to a browser. These certificates are typically used to secure credit card transactions, data transfers, and logins. More recently, it has been used to secure the browsing of all social media sites. In other words, an SSL Certificate will authenticate your web page.

Why Do I Need One If My Website Doesn’t Accept Payments

One major reason people purchase an SSL Certificate is to protect consumers’ online payments. Without an SSL Certificate, hackers can duplicate your website, so when customers look up your business, they end up clicking on the copied website and not the actual website. If customers provide their credit card on this fake page, hackers will receive your money and you will not obtain the product or service you were looking for. So, if you don’t have a payment option on my website, why would you need an SSL Certificate? Our Orlando SEO expert urges you to have this certificate because it is not just to alert people of credit card fraud when they click on the duplicate web page. These hackers imitate the entire website, including content, contact information, and any other important data, so the certificate will allow for a pop up to alert you when you click on the wrong website. The robot will know if your website is not secure when it reads the domain because the search engine will read http and not https. If a website’s domain begins with http vs https, it means the website is not secure and can be copied. Although an SSL Certificate will not stop hackers the way a firewall will, it will validate your information so customers will know that a duplicate website is fake if they are directed to it, because your actual website is validated.

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