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HTTPS implementation is becoming more and more pertinent for site owners. While HTTPS was only a concern for sites that collected user information, Google’s initiative to secure the web has made it now a concern for all sites. Sites that do not make the change over to HTTPS will be displayed to users as “Not Secure” and it is crucial to understand how you can make the migration in order to make sure that you do what is best for your site. If you have questions about how your site can make the shift or have questions about HTTPS SEO, contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO services in Tampa, for information.


1 Traditional


Traditional HTTPS implementation is a self-reliant method of taking the steps to switching your site to HTTPS. You purchase an SSL certificate from a trusted provider, you get your certificate verified from the provider you purchased it from, then you implement it across your site. The steps, while relatively simple to follow on paper, can be complex in practice. Implementing the certificate across your site can take time and it can be a tedious process that can affect the traffic of your site. It can also be a costly option if you require advanced security features, as these additional features can add up to thousands of dollars. However, this option guarantees total security and is customizable for your specific purposes.


2 Let’s Encrypt


Let’s Encrypt is a free option for HTTPS implementation. It follows similar steps to traditional HTTPS implementation in that you must get an SSL certificate, get it validated, and then implement it across your site. One of the benefits of this option is that, like traditional HTTPS implementation, it provides total security to your site. It is also a much simpler option than traditional HTTPS implementation in its ease of implementation.


As with the traditional HTTPS implementation, there are downsides. There are certain platforms that are incompatible with Let’s Encrypt and the SSL certificates granted through Let’s Encrypt are only good for 90 days, instead of the typical year that is granted through traditional HTTPS implementation. This means that if you forget to renew your site’s certificate you may be opening up yourself to security issues. Finally, unlike traditional HTTPS implementation, there is limited customization.


3 Cloudflare


Cloudflare is another free option for HTTPS implementation. Like Let’s Encrypt, it allows for easier implementation. Unlike Let’s Encrypt and traditional HTTPS implementation, all that’s required of you is to create an account on Cloudflare and update your DNS records. They take care of the rest, making it virtually no work on your part. The SSL implementation is done through their own servers.


Like both other options, it is by no means an infallible process. Cloudflare does provide protection to your site’s visitors, the connection between your site and your server is left defenseless so it can still be compromised. You can opt for full SSL implementation but it is not included in their free service. In addition to the lack of security on this front, Cloudflare was also hacked earlier this year. While they have since upgraded their security, it is important to keep this information in mind when deciding your method for HTTPS implementation.


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HTTPS implementation does not have to be a complicated process for you and your site. If you’re in Florida, you can consult SEO services in Tampa for assistance with making the switch over to HTTPS. Contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO services in Tampa, for information about HTTPS SEO.


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