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With all the changes to Adwords and its new interface, it can be easy to miss some things that may be useful for you and your business. Sorting through these changes and determining how they can be helpful for you can be stressful and there may be resources you can consult. MyCity Social, a PPC company offering services for SEO in Miami, can assist you in your advertising needs.


1 Call bid adjustments


One of Google’s latest additions to the new UI is call bid adjustments. These allow the user to get call extensions to show more or less often in mobile search campaigns. The range for bid adjustments is -90 to +900 percent and can be accessed from the new interface.


2 N-grams


Another relatively new feature is the n-gram view included in the search terms that have triggered ads in the campaign. This can be viewed by going to the Words tab under Searches and can help you gauge the impressions, clicks, and conversions of a search term. The words are sorted so that the darker the term is the more impressions it received.


3 Audiences page


In order to streamline audience management, a page has been introduced where you can access a single place to manage audience targeting and optimizations. The terminology for the audiences page has also been adjusted in the new interface. The term “Target and bid” has been changed to “Targeting.” “Bid only” has changed to “Observations.”


4 Household income targeting in search


Unlike the old interface, where location targeting was the only way to apply household income targets, the new interface allows you to use the Demographics tab for household income reporting and targeting for search campaigns. It also includes visual features such as a chart at the top of the Household Income page to see how your campaign performs along household income segments.

5 Promotion extensions


If your business is promoting a particular product or service at a discounted price, there is now a way to link that offer in your ads. Under Ads and Extensions, you can now show and link to a specific offer in text ads. The new promotion extension is available only on the new interface.


6 Custom in-market audiences


Under the new interface, in-market audiences are available for search campaigns. In addition, Google will also be offering custom in-market audiences. These can be customized based on the campaign performance, advertiser’s website, and the goals of the business.


7 Google attribution


In the new interface, Google attribution will be a free, integrated service which can take data from Google Analytics, AdWords, or DoubleClick Search to give the user a more comprehensive overview of conversion actions across various channels and devices for the purposes of attribution modeling and bidding information.


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The new changes to Adwords are exciting and will surely enhance your user experience. However, sorting through these changes and adapting to ever changing market can difficult. If you’re looking for assistance with SEO in Miami, contact MyCity Social, a PPC company offering a variety of services to help you in your digital marketing needs.


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