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For every business out there, it is a great idea to have a strong social media presence. This rings especially true for aesthetics-based businesses such as jewelry companies. In America, the jewelry industry is embracing social media as a medium of promoting their business. Many of the leading jewelry brands have recognized this shift and the need to increase their expenditure, and in order for your business to stay ahead of the pack and remain competitive, it’s essential for you to embrace this change and up your social media marketing efforts so that you can stand out from the pack. Here are some examples: While diamond jewelry retail chain ORRA has totally shifted their marketing to the digital platform, others such as PN Gadgil and Forevermark have increased their spending on digital marketing by 40-50% from last year. Through social media, many different types of brands are attempting to increase engagement from their customers and encourage brand loyalty. There are many different platforms in place that you can utilize for social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine Video, and more. Read on to learn more about social media tactics and how they can be used for jewelry marketing to increase your brand appeal (which converts directly to more profit!). MyCity Social is a top SEO and digital marketing firm who provides social media management Orlando business owners rely on. Call MyCity Social today to learn more about how we can help you grow your jewelry business!


Social Media Strategies Are Important


There are many ways in which jewelry companies are able to benefit greatly from upping their social media efforts. Think about the last jewelry industry event you went to- from booth to booth, you may have noticed that brand after brand, big and small, may have varying success depending on the amount of social media marketing that they put in. MyCity Social provides top social media management Orlando jewelry companies trust. Here are some of the best social media and digital marketing strategies that we at MyCity Social utilize in order to give you the increased traffic and brand engagement results that convert straight to more business and profit. Take a peep at our tips to boost engagement, gain new followers, and ultimately, increase sales. 


Jewelry Marketing Tips


  1. Sell Your Brand- The jewelry industry is one of the most luxurious industries there is. This means that it’s important for jewelry companies to focus on selling the brand and what they stand for through trying to communicate the core values of the company to the audience they want to appeal to. Jewelry, more than anything, represents a certain type of lifestyle, and your brand needs to sell the lifestyle you represent. Many of the jewelry brands on the market out there are aware of the need to continuously post their products, but it’s equally as important to make sure that the content they post will also help them in building their brand. There are companies such as Indian jewelry company TanishQ who are able to maintain a balance between posting their products and other types of online content that are related to jewelry and appeal to their brand audience, but are not directly their products. This is working well for them and their brand following in India has grown massively through their work with brand recognition. There are many times where a jewelry company will post customer reviews with a post, for example, and that’s a fantastic way for a jewelry company to build their brand through concrete examples of the type of person who is interested in their products as well as promoting their product through the testimony about the products of the company. Purchasing a piece of expensive jewelry is all about making an investment, which is why it is so essential that jewelry companies are able to build a brand that creates trust in the minds of the consumers. There are many components that go into building trust with your target consumer base so that they will come to your products and services. In the case of jewelry, one very important aspect is the authenticity. When you discuss brands such as Cartier, Harry Winston, or Tiffany’s, there is a certain amount of trust that is attached to these names that customers are paying for when they invest in pieces from these brands. This type of trust and authenticity needs to be instilled in your prospective customers and clients so that there is never any doubt about the authenticity and quality of your pieces. It is extremely crucial for you to build a brand and sell it to the consumer due to the fact that products and styles will come and go with the times, but the brand will go a long way if it is instilled with trust.


  1. Be Consistent- When a brand creates a social media page for itself on any social media platform, it’s extremely important for the brand to make sure that they are consistent with updates. Brands who are able to regularly update their social media pages with relevant content. It is glaringly clear that brands who are able to update their pages regularly are able to enjoy a much better performance as compared to brands who are not that active. Many different brands are able to consistently post every single day, at least once, on Instagram, and that makes a huge difference in what helps to grow their fan following and customer base. It’s essential for all brands to post something or another regularly so that customers know what is going on with the brand, and so that they rank higher on search engine trends and can convert traffic to their website (and thus into profits). For example brands often post about the upcoming new collections in order to generate buzz and so that customer are able to know what is next for the brand. Being consistent with your posting will assist in building a community with brand followers and potential clients and customers, and that is extremely beneficial to jewelry companies. This will help in increasing customer engagement and it will help them build a community, something that is very beneficial to the companies. Another example to be discussed is seasonal promotions- Valentines day, Christmas, and Mothers day are prime targets. Brands need to take advantage of all possible social media promotions in order to come up with exciting offers. 


  1. Contests for Customer Engagement- One of the best strategies that your jewelry company can implement to grow your brand and business is to increase the involvement and engagement of your potential and current clients and customers. One great way to do this is through having contests on social media which will help greatly to grow the brand follower base as well as the response of the consumers towards the brand. These contests create a certain amount of buzz on social media, and they also eventually will assist in increasing the prospective fan base of the brand and in reaching prospective clients and customers who would be interested in the jewelry brand. There are many leading jewelry brands who hold such social media contests, and many consumers will participate in them through commenting on social media posts and even upload posts with various hashtags, which could help to get your brand trending and even more exposure.   


  1. Content Strategy- When it comes to social media, content is a very important thing to have. Brands have to make sure to continuously post engaging content in order to keep the followers loyal. Today’s brands are continuously posting their photos of their products, and sometimes will even have highly repetitive posts so that they may seem dull and end up having their followers feel extremely disinterested. There is so much random content floating about that social media platforms are extremely oversaturated. It takes a concrete strategy in order to achieve success in online marketing, which is what SEO companies such as MyCity Social is able to offer you. For example, certain jewelry brands will consistently post a lot of images of celebrities featuring their jewelry. While it may help their traffic, it lacks a certain amount of focus on their branding as the posts are not interactive and does not engage the consumers. It’s important to have a consistent strategy so that you build your brand on social media and have high-quality content so that the customer perception of your brand is trust, authenticity, and quality.


  1. Start Social Media Campaigns- For increasing their consumer engagement, many brands have come up with social media campaigns that have them sharing their stories experiences, and posts. Certain famous social media campaigns for jewelry brands are #SnapOutOfIt, #IDidIt, etc. The jewelry brand Platinum Day of Love has been able to boost its branding among its target audience through the use of campaigns such as Share Your Love STories and Places of Love, for example. Along with this example, there are many brands who hold contests where consumers are required to use a certain  hashtag in order to get a chance to be featured on the brand’s page. This accomplishes the double goal of creating brand appeal while increasing brand engagement. 


Defining Your Social Media Marketing


There are many things that brands should keep in mind when they are building their social media following. There are many brands out there who are attempting to encompass everybody rather than honing in and focusing on their niche. It’s a crucial component of branding to really discover what your brand stands for and defining the DNA of your brand. Some questions that you can ask yourself are:

  • How would you define  your brand in three words?
  • What types of posts have worked best in the last year?
  • What are some companies that illustrate  your brand’s essence with a strong social media presence that you want to emulate
  • Which posts on social media didn’t work?
  • What do you want your social media audience to feel when they visit your Facebook page?


Make sure that all of your future social media posts stay true to these branding essentials.


Next, you will want to freshen up your social media cover pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ at least once a month. Having fresh cover pages will assist in defining your brand’s aesthetic and also illustrate your latest designs and stock. Since social media is social, brands need to not be afraid to get REAL. Sharing real-life customer photos is not only a great way to increase your page’s interaction, but also a great way to give potential customers another perspective on the products you order. You can also put a unique hashtag on and encourage customers to use it on their Instagram so that their photos will be easy to discover.


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