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Keyword research is the foundation of SEO. In order to keep your ear to the ground and stay in touch with your target audience, it’s essential to be up to date on keyword research. The internet is the most pervasive and important means for reaching consumers today, and 50% of the global population regularly goes online. In fact, online streaming service Netflix has actually surpassed traditional cable television in terms of subscribers. You can reach half the world’s population through the world wide web (literally), you just have to know how to do it efficiently. MyCity Social offers SEO Miami companies as well as international firms rely on, providing state-of-the-art keyword research services to reach your target audience and expand web traffic. Contact us today to boost your business and make the most of the internet!


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Keyword research isn’t just about SEO, but acts as the foundation of all other digital marketing practices such as content marketing, big data, mobile and social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization. Keywords explain where organic search traffic comes from when you look at Google Analytics, SEMrush, and other online tools monitoring your traffic. Keywords define what your company is known for. Through using the right keywords, MyCity Social can help you understand what content to market and what customers and potential clients are looking for. Providing SEO Miami trusts, MyCity Social’s state-of-the-art team employs keyword research to target your audience and create long term SEO strategies. Keyword research, then, becomes the blueprint for all of your online marketing efforts, and is the driving force behind every decision you make regarding content branding on the internet. Because keyword research is literally the foundation modern internet advertising is built on, having a good SEO company like MyCity Social who will use keywords to maximize your traffic and revenue, is essential in today’s economy.


Why You Need To Use Keyword Research Services


Even with this in mind, there are still a lot of business owners who don’t do regular keyword research for an array of reasons. It is a complex process that requires an understanding of web analytics and long-tail keywords. This is where SEO companies like MyCity Social come in. We have the data team to figure out which keywords tie to your business and consumer base and how to increase conversion rates and generate more revenue. So why do keywords matter online? First of all, it’s all about context. For example, if you are looking up “marketing” on Google, general educational information regarding this topic pops up. Even the ads are for students studying marketing. Nobody who actually needs marketing help is searching for the general term “marketing,” but that doesn’t mean the term is valueless. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool shows that this is a popular search term, but you need to narrow the search into consumer intent.


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Does all this talk of data, keywords, and google analytics sound complicated? That’s where keyword research services like MyCity Social come in. Providing some of the top SEO Miami has to offer, MyCity Social will make increasing your web traffic and branding your online content a stress-free, hands-off experience. Contact us today for a consultation!





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