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Facebook is a huge part of our daily lives, from keeping our family and friends updated to promoting our events and businesses. There are 1,230,000,000 active daily users on Facebook- that’s a huge slice of the world! What started as a way for college students to date and connect is now a worldwide phenomenon. Chances are, you’ve scrolled through Facebook at least once today. Facebook and other social media platforms has also transformed digital marketing. Nowadays, it’s these digital platforms that people spend the most time on and congregate around, creating prime advertising real estate. Facebook uses algorithms to filter what they think you’re the most interested in and feature it, and also hosts opportunities for businesses to advertise to its users directly through Facebook. Social media marketing is crucial for expanding your business, because increased web traffic brings tangible revenue. Social media marketing companies like MyCity Social can help you grow your business and brand. If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area and looking to optimize your web traffic through social media advertising, contact MyCity Social today!


Why Advertise on Facebook?


There are many reasons Facebook advertising can generate more revenue for your business. The first, and probably most obvious, is that everybody is on facebook. And by everyone, we mean over 1 billion daily users and over 2 billion monthly users. Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the globe, making Facebook Advertising extremely valuable in terms of increasing your visibility and  getting you prospective clients. Other social media platforms like Instagram, Pintrest, and Twitter are important, but Facebook remains the reigning champion when it comes to social media marketing, as it has more than double the amount of adult online users than any of the other social media platforms mentioned above. Moreover, Facebook users span a larger age range than social media users. Though the most popular age group on Facebook (and generally for social media) is 18-29, the drop off for older age groups is minimal compared to the other user platforms. Even 65+ year olds came in at 62% usership and growing at 2016. Facebook remains your best bet for the widest range of age groups and the largest audience when advertising and attracting customers.


What Social Marketing Companies Can Do On Facebook


There are many reasons to advertise on Facebook. Another benefit of advertising on Facebook is that ads can be laser targeted. When you’re in front of so many users, it’s important to be focused on your target consumers. Facebook algorithms allow you to pinpoint the audience you present to through a few options. These include, but are not limited to: demographics by age, gender, and geographical location, user interests based on their Facebook activity, user interests based on 3rd party data from other data companies like purchase activity and device usage, and the key pages visited on your website (retargeting).  


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Social media marketing companies help you brand and expand your business through increasing web traffic and providing you with analytics regarding your target audience. All of this translates to concrete revenue and/or future clients. To improve your social media marketing and optimize your web traffic, call MyCity Social near the Fort Lauderdale area today!


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