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As a rapidly growing digital marketing agency in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, MyCity Social relies heavily on their leadership team of directors to ensure that clients receive top quality digital marketing services. One of our outstanding Directors is Nichole (A.KA “Nickie”) Ellis. She has helped the company triple in size and provides a fun work environment for her staff. Learn more about our fearless leader below…


Q: Tell Me About What You Did Before Joining Our Digital Marketing Agency?


A: I was working with another marketing agency that specialized in medical marketing. My job title was social media manager and SEO specialist.


Q: What Did You Study in School?


A: I studied communication at the University of Central Florida. I was in retail sales for 8 years and I loved sales and increasing numbers and educating customers on products. After 8 years, I became tired of the physical demand of sales. I wanted to settle down into a career that still had a sales element to it but had a more balanced work day.


I didn’t know what digital marketing was at the time, but then I took marketing and advertising classes at UCF and fell in love! Those classes were my favorite. I fell into some luck as I knew someone that was part of the Pre-professional Medical Society at UCF and I ended up joining as well. With that, I was able to manage the Facebook page for them. Due to this experience, I became interested in marketing.


Membership in this organization led to my first internship. UCF holds an internship fair each year, and because of my background with PPMS, I interviewed with the Orlando Orthopedic Center and I landed that internship opportunity.


Working for Orlando Orthopedic Center introduced me to website work and how to make web page edits and stuff like that. This internship then led me to my next internship at Florida Hospital. I interned there for the HR marketing department. My job was to look at landing pages, optimize text and help nurses find how to apply for open positions online. I also created infographics for social media posts to try and engage visitors and have them learn about the events made for bringing in new graduates to come and work for Florida Hospital.


After interning at Florida Hospital for some time, I landed my very job in digital marketing. Upon leaving that first job, I then learned about MyCity Social, and the rest is history.


Q: What is Your Favorite Part About Working for MyCity Social?


A: My favorite part about working at MyCity Social is that our work is local. Working for national agencies ad corporations is very different than working with local businesses. There is more camaraderie with the clients and a more personal touch can be added because of the relationships built with the clients.


Q: What is Your Least Favorite Part About Your Job?


A: Working with budgets.


Q: Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?


A: I am planning on going back to get my MBA. In five years I hope to be on the path of helping businesses run properly. The one thing that I truly enjoy about MyCity Social (working with local businesses) is that it has opened up a new opportunity to help them not only with their digital presence, but to help them with how they function as a whole.


In five years I also hope to have a family. I would like to open up a consulting agency and help other businesses run effectively.


Share 5 Quirky Facts About You. GO!

  • I am a 1ST-degree black belt
  • I am a VERY light sleeper
  • I am pretty handy with electrical and etc. Anything that breaks in my house, I can fix.
  • I hate fast food (grosses me out)
  • I have 3 parents


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At MyCity Social we are proud of our devoted and successful employees that make up our digital marketing agency. Internet marketing is a passion for directors such as Nickie Ellis and our clients can feel that too. To learn more about our digital marketing programs for small businesses please contact us at  MyCity Social right away.



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