Twitter updates that limit restrictions are now available

Even though it seems like tweeting is something everyone does these days, Twitter has actually seen a decrease in its use and has had to resort to laying off a small percent of its hired workforce. While this may seem odd with the amount of news coverage Twitter receives due to celebrity Tweet wars and its constant use by the president, users are stepping away due to character restrictions. To bring tweeters back Twitter updates have made tweeting a bit more user friendly.Read below to learn about the latest Twitter News MyCity Social digital marketing experts in Orlando have uncovered.

How Twitter Is Getting Its Tweeters Back

The maximum amount of characters a tweet can have is 140. Before the new roll out of what’s no longer considered a part of character content, tweeters were getting frustrated with not being able to list their thoughts in entirety if including certain symbols, usernames, and attachments. Seeing the decrease in its use lit a fire under the apps feathery behinds and stirred up some changes inside the nest.

One of the changes comes from when using the ‘@’ sign in replies. ‘@’ will no longer count towards character length and is being rolled out across the web, iOS, and Android. However, users beware: links are still categorized as a part of the 140 character count and so listing an email, even though it has the ‘@’ sign, is not eliminated from character counts. A quick recap of changes Twitter has made in this area is the discontinuation of character count from attached photos, GIFs, quoted tweets, polls, and videos. Because these attachments have been eliminated from the 140, Twitter handles are no longer included. What does this mean? The next time you reply to a tweet look for a greyed-out line reading ‘replying to (insert username)’ towards the top. But that isn’t all when it comes to changes to ‘@’.  Instead of using ‘.@’ to reply to a new tweet, the user’s username will display in your timeline the same as all of your other followers. This eliminates the need to use the ‘@’ to signify who and the ‘.’ as a new threaded response. Who will see the tweets then? Just you, the person you tweeted to, and the people that follow you.

Other Twitter Updates

Also, the interface of tweet replies is changing as well. Instead of replies being seen within a tweet, replies will now be seen much like a text message, being listed above the tweeted text. In order to make changes to the reply to list, you can select the replying to section and change the contact. To verify that you’ve selected the new contact appropriately and that the old contact will no longer be a part of the conversation, you must immediately uncheck the mini-checkbox(es) in the pop-up after the replying to selection. This new feature was meant to to allow twitter readers to read tweets more fluently rather than look at user identification first.

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