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If you’re a doctor, you know that you need patients to keep your practice open. You probably even know that your website is one of the primary ways by which you are discovered. What you might not realize, and what an Orlando SEO expert who uses MyCity Social can tell you, is that the way you research keywords is going to have a huge impact on your practice’s profits.

How Keywords Work

It’s a good idea to start with a brief understanding of how keywords work. Keywords are, on a basic level, how a search engine connects people to websites. If you don’t already know the name of a site, you’ll search for something related to what it does. If you need to learn more about SEO, for example, you might search for ‘Medical SEO’, and Google might provide you with links to MyCity Social and a number of other sites. Your patients are probably doing something similar, searching ‘Orlando Doctor’ in order to find you.

A Matter of Time…

Keyword research is the process of figuring out which keywords your potential clients are using and then adjusting your web presence so that Google’s algorithms send users of those keywords to your site. As you might expect, no one has the time or ability to target every keyword. As a doctor, your time is limited enough as it is, and trying to hit too many keywords will waste what little time you have. A best case scenario would lead to an inadequate attempt to dominate too many keywords, while the worst case might see you missing out on those terms that actually matter.

…and Money

Keyword research also costs you money. If you’re working with an orlando seo expert, you’re going to be paying for SEO – and your rate is going to go up the more you need them to work. If you waste the expert’s time with tedious keyword research, you can surely expect your total costs to rise. Even if you are taking care of the search in-house, you’re looking at wasted man-hours for which you are either going to have to pay or put off seeing patients. If you don’t do your keyword research correctly, the failure is going to hit your bottom line.

Precision Matters

Perhaps the most important reason to research keywords is because you care not just if your website gets visits, but who those visitors might be. Every potential patient has a specific set of terms he or she will use to find a doctor’s office, but you’re not just looking for every potential patient. You’re specifically looking for patients who have a need that your practice can fulfill. You can take a scattershot approach to keyword usage, but you’ll end up attracting the visitors you don’t want while crowding out those who can make you money.

If you’re going to work with SEO, make sure to do it correctly. Take keyword research seriously and make sure to narrow the field down to words and phrases that will help you make money. With effort, you’ll learn that some keywords are primed to help you grow your practice.


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