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Social Media Marketing TampaSimilar to other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter has taken center stage for business promotion. In the current business climate, consumers are expecting instant gratification with everything they do, and businesses need to stay ahead of the game. With over 300 million active users, social media marketing Tampa cannot succeed without the use of Twitter.

Generating Traffic for your Company

Traffic, whether it’s web based or foot traffic driven to your physical location, is the sole source of revenue for any business. Twitter is one of the most effective traffic tools available today.

Business owners and marketers on MyCity Social promote special discounts, share relevant content and ask customers about their experience, all on Twitter. Customers who follow the business on Twitter will become actively engaged and visit the website. Customers might even share the Tweet with their followers thereby increasing your user base without any additional work.

Twitter works well because information is easily shared among followers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

More and more these days, Twitter is being used as a vehicle for customer service. Customers can follow your Twitter account in live time and stay abreast of any updates about your products and services, or they can report a problem with your website. Twitter also provides an opportunity for companies to respond to any positive or negative comments made by customers.

This type of access allows businesses to respond quicker to their customers, thus creating a more loyal fan base.

Watch your Competitors Closely

Tampa and similar major cities across the country are extremely competitive for different types of businesses, which is why social media marketing Tampa encourages owners to use Twitter to watch their competitors as closely as possible.

The platform makes this easy because businesses can perform searches related to their field. For example, if a company specializes in lawn maintenance, a simple search on Twitter for “lawn maintenance” and a particular location will generate results that include relevant competitors. Then, a separate feed can be created strictly for monitoring this particular set of keywords.

MyCity Social places emphasis on Twitter competitor monitoring. It allows marketing managers and company owners to actively plan ahead for any changes in pricing and product offerings on the basis of their competitor’s actions. Prior to making any business decisions about changes, you’ll also be able to determine if they’ve tried something similar and whether or not they succeeded.

Maximizing Twitter will Complement other Marketing Strategies

While Twitter itself is an extremely powerful marketing tool, when the platform is combined with other marketing strategies, your advertising campaign can really take off.

Any content that is posted on your company website or on Facebook, Instagram or other platforms should also be shared on Twitter. Offer discounts and promotions for your products as an “exclusive” to your Twitter followers first; this will make them feel important and they’ll likely take advantage of your offer.

Every tweet composed should be focused on increasing your user base and driving revenue.

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