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Google My Business is important for any business looking to expand their customer base. However, for restaurant marketing in particular, Google My Business listings are typically the first place their customers will reference to determine if they are worth the additional time investment. Since people who are searching for restaurants usually want to make a decision quickly, it is important to have the resource ready for them to reference. For more information on this, contact MyCity Social, a business in Miami offering social media marketing.

Google My Business has a variety of tools that allow you to display your business to potential customers. It allows smaller restaurants to display their menus, it allows you to upload pictures to show off your food to potential visitors, it allows you to create Google Posts to promote events or new menu items you may have, and it gives your customers a quick overview of your business with reviews, hours, and location information. It is also typically where your customers will find your contact information in the event that they want to place an order or a reservation. Because it is such a hub of information—and customers expect it to be—it is critical for restaurants to have their Google My Business listing optimized for customers to reference all their information in one place.

Restaurant marketing through Google My Business

One of the easiest things you can do to make sure that your listing is optimized is making sure that you have accurate, specific listing categories for your restaurant. The more precise you are in selecting a category, the better results you will have because broader categories will likely place you in broader competition with other restaurants.

Another successful tactic for helping you optimize your listing is to promote and respond to reviews. Reviews vet your business in the eyes of people searching. People are more likely to be drawn to a business with plenty of reviews than one with no reviews. Even if you receive negative reviews, this can be an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to customer service by responding to the negative comments and addressing their concerns. This way you can hopefully get that customer back and show others reading their review that you are receptive to criticism.

However, don’t neglect the visual aspect of your Google My Business listing. Customers often shop with their eyes and the visual appeal of both your food and the interior of your restaurant is going to have an impact on how they perceive your business. For restaurant marketing especially, it is important to have references for customers to look at online before they visit your location. Make sure that you add pictures to your listing to show off your products and space.

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If you would like more information on how to optimize your Google My Business listing for your restaurant and how to take advantage of other forms of social media marketing, contact MyCity Social in Miami, Tampa, or Orlando. They are a business offering social media marketing and they can help you take control of your Google My Business listing to bring in more customers.


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