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A SWOT analysis make a serious difference in the way that businesses tackle their SEO strategy, but most people are left asking “What is SWOT analysis?” Thankfully, Orlando SEO company MyCity Social is there to help you. They can walk through a SWOT analysis with you and get your business’s SEO to where you want it to be.

What is SWOT analysis?

A SWOT analysis looks at four key areas: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You can visualize them by imagining or drawing a four-quadrant grid. In one column you have things that are helpful to achieving your objective as a company with your SEO and in the other column you have things that are harmful to that end. In the first row, you have things that are internal in origin—that is, things that you do as an organization—and in the second row, you have things that are external in origin—which are things in your environment that affect your cause. Your strengths lie in the upper left-hand corner of your quadrant where things are helpful and internal. Your weaknesses are in the upper right where harmful and internal lie. Opportunities are external and helpful in the lower left-hand corner, and threats are external and harmful in the lower right.


These are things that your company is doing well. For instance, if you have years of expertise in your industry, that is a strength. Additionally, if you have a blog and you are publishing relevant, unique, and high-quality content, that is a strength in your favor. Think of the things that your company does well and place that in the strengths quadrant of the SWOT chart.


Your weaknesses are the things that your company needs to work on. For instance, if your company is not ranking on the first page of results because you are not optimizing your blog then that would be a weakness. Additionally, simple things like not having a way to track your conversions can be considered a weakness.


Your opportunities are the things that you could do that would change your circumstances for the better. For instance, if you have a blog you could continue to publish the same quality content. If you need to improve your ranking, you could optimize your website and install a tracking for your conversions and a plugin for your SEO.


Threats are going to be the things that you cannot control that you must battle against. This would be if, for instance, you had a growing number of competitors who were doing better in organic results than your business. Take note of all the different things that could be considered threats to your business’s success and place them in the lower right quadrant.

Action plan

With this information in place, you can decide how to proceed. Sometimes the hardest part for businesses to succeed with SEO is knowing where to turn and focus their efforts. With a SWOT analysis, you can better determine where your business is lacking and how to fix it. Should you decide you need an Orlando SEO company, MyCity Social is available to help you optimize your business’s online presence.

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