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When you decide to change your website design to update it and make it more usable, you are benefitting your business. However, minor issues can come up as a result of the redesign. Your PPC can take a real hit if you do not keep an eye on the coding of your website, but you do not have to do this alone. Contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO Tampa trusts, for more information about website redesign.

Website design problems

When you redesign your website, you are taking a step forward for your business and this can be a very positive thing. However, there are issues that can arise when you redesign your website and it is important to be aware of these before you attempt a redesign so that when you go into it you are aware of what you need to look for. These issues can often be small and easy to overlook but they can make a serious impact in the way that customers view your site and business.

One of these issues is the display of your business’s phone number. If you have your business’s phone number on every page for customers to reach you easily, you may find that after a website redesign it is missing. This is significant because customers won’t always be entering your site on its landing page. This means that they won’t always have immediate access to your contact information.

Another minor issue of this kind is a problem with trust signals. Things like testimonials, certification badges, and affiliations can be lost from certain pages in website redesigns and, as a result, your customers will not always see these badges when they visit certain pages of your site. This means that some of your customers who reach your site through other pages that aren’t your landing page may not see the trust signal you want them to and may not end up trusting your business.

Why it matters

Your website design is not just a visual representation of your business for your customers. It is also a way for customers to gather information about the services and products you offer in a way that is user friendly. If your website is missing things from its coding that are critical not only for the aesthetics but for the accessibility of your business, this can result in a loss of business and customers. To learn more about this in Tampa and how you can keep your website design from causing detriment to your PPC program, contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO Tampa trusts.

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If you are looking to learn more about what problems can result when you perform a website redesign, contact MyCity Social in Tampa, Miami, or Orlando. They have the tools and expertise to talk you through making sure your PPC is not affected as a result of a redesign and they are the SEO Tampa business you need to go through with your website redesign smoothly.


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