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Is your SEO blog not having the effect you want it to on your web traffic? If your content is solid, but not ranking on search engines the way you want it to, you should watch out for some common SEO errors bloggers and content marketers stumble on. As the digital marketing landscape has evolved over the last two decades and continues to morph, it’s important to revisit some fundamentals that need to stay consistent in your SEO and online content marketing strategies. Even though algorithm updates and technological shifts significantly impact the field, you shouldn’t get caught up in the hype of how SEO will enter a wholly new paradigm every time there’s an algorithm change. As much as the medium evolves, the core principles remain the same, and top Orlando SEO agency MyCity Social recommends keeping the basics in mind in order to leverage the best SEO tactics. Call MyCity Social today to optimize your business!


Common SEO Mistakes


Though this may seem elementary to SEO bloggers, many today don’t properly utilize an optimized keyword structure. Although semantic search and machine learning technology has grown, keyword research is still essential when modeling an internal content marketing campaign. All of your web content should be thematically linked by chosen topics and keywords to promote your business objectives. If your SEO blog covers only topics and leaves out keywords, you can’t tell what users are really demanding, and you don’t know who your audience is and who you are really writing for. Another common mistake is inconsistent internal links. Proper internal linking for SEO establishes paths for users to work their way through your website as well as a host of other linking and ranking benefits.


Mistakes To Watch Out For When Writing An SEO Blog


Top Orlando SEO agency MyCity Social prides itself on our quality copy, and you need to keep in mind that you’re writing for readers, not the search engines. Don’t try to bust out excessive jargon or deep level knowledge on the subject, and keep content light enough for readers on an eighth-grade reading level. Generally, on-site content is not about publishing, but rather creating awareness around the need that your services fulfill. Thus, readers will want to consume actionable tips in informational content. When it comes to page copy, most bloggers also skip out on image and video optimization. Unoptimized image file formats and sizes increase load time and deteriorate SEO performance. Make sure to format all on-site images as .jpg, and all your vector images as .png. When it comes to video, host all of your files in a single folder and make a site map so search engines can index the videos. Video is essential, as 43 percent of consumers wish to view more video. Lastly, one of the biggest mistakes bloggers and small businesses make is poor content promotion. Many think that a quality piece of content will naturally attract links and rank highly due to the writing, but this is not always true. This is why it’s essential to leverage your connections and implement a variety of social media and SEO strategies to spread the content over the internet.


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When creating an SEO blog or posting any sort of content, it’s important to keep in mind the fundamentals that make up SEO in order to truly optimize your web traffic. Call Orlando SEO agency MyCity Social today for quality digital marketing services that help your business grow.


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