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SEO and Social teams are two different limbs of the same creature, and need to operate together in order to move forward with optimal online marketing. The role of social media in SEO continues to expand, and social media marketing may even become the frontrunner as it intertwines with SEO. There are many benefits to integrating your social media marketing strategy with your long-term SEO strategy, and MyCity Social offers premium social media management Orlando business owners rely on. Optimize your brand exposure and expand potential clientele through aligning your social media and SEO marketing strategies. Call us today to build your online presence and increase your business stream!


Why Search and Social Needs to Work Together


Traditional SEO focuses on website architecture, linking, and providing relevant content for your business. Of course, these areas still require attention and remain crucial, but social media is slowly becoming more and more essential in the SEO process. MyCity Social offers social media management Orlando business owners trust, and note that social media branding lies in identity, relationships, and content, and should work in tandem with SEO. Identity-based signals range across agent rank, relevancy, and the engagement graph. Quality, relevant content, as well as on-page optimization signals all remain important. You’ve probably experienced the relationship firsthand- a post on Google Plus popping up on a google search minutes after you hit the button.


Combining SEO and Social Media Strategies


An important component of an effective SEO strategy is scaling your social media practices across an organization. If you have a large social footprint on the internet, this translates directly to an increased impact of social media on your SEO efforts. For example, Adobe has shifted towards a focus on a clearly defined engagement process in order to scale social media. Through implementing defined social media policies and guidelines for online engagement, employees can be empowered to utilize social media in order to assist a company in scaling their efforts. Moreover, social media holds significantly more value than its direct contribution to revenue. Social media affects the research and development, marketing, and sales and support of a company and its impact cannot be underestimated. Though social media can greatly assist in amplifying your digital content marketing, it shouldn’t be the only tool used to promote content. Rather, it’s essential to listen to your audiences across each platform in order to improve and gear your marketing efforts as well as pinpoint subsections for targeted digital marketing campaigns. Social media can create a larger, indirect impact on the overall performance of search marketing efforts as well, especially when you gather social data from your followers and use it in targeted content marketing. Your audience, through their social data, informs you of what websites they frequent as well as what content will reach them the best. Through such data we at MyCity Social plans our digital content marketing so that we provide your clients with content that is meaningful them in order to optimize revenue for you.


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Social media is an indispensable part of today’s marketing world, and your SEO strategy should work alongside with your social media strategy. MyCity Social provides social media management Orlando business owners can rely on. Call us today to start optimizing your social media marketing strategy!


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